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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2003-06-20 23:00:00
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    summer is going pretty good! i got my totally sucks, tennis is ok, i enjoy playing it, but its really hard for me to re-learn everything and i'm getting really frusterated with it! mikes grad party was a blast, megs is tomarrow night, i still can't grasp everything that has happend in the past year, i mean so much has changed, for the good and bad. i got an email today for snowball, i can't wait for it to come! i'm so excited to be a leader! Fuscia is gonna rock the house! i have been on a mission to find stuff thats hot pink...but i have no clouthes that are hot pink! cause i'm just not really a hot pink girl! more of a blue...but ne wayz! my mommy brought me some faceplates for my cell today, one is blue with metalic silver water droplets, one is kinda like the American flag, and one has snowflakes on it (for winter!!!)~duh! so yeah ne wayz....i had some peoples over tonight, for a swim in the pool (soo warm!!) and for a camp fire~ SMORES!! wooo whooo! we had a rocking time! and yea we did rock our socks off! lol! i think we broke our pool ladder tho....opps so yeah i got a nice lil lecture from the rents once all my friends had left...and i heard was and quote "blah blah blah, so irresponsible, blah blah blah, how can we trust you to drive if you can't keep your friends under control, blah blah blah, and you didn't even pick up the pool stuff after you were done, blah blah blah." so yeah....who cares, i'm glad my elementry school had open class rooms, cause you learn to tune things out really easily!!! lol! omg i'm soo tired!! and its only 11ish, the night is young!!! but i have to wake up at 7 to let a dog out,...then the bed is all mine again for a few hours!! i can't wait for tennis to be over, so i can spend some time with my friends!! well i'm getting tired , time for this clown to hit the sack.

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2003-06-23 15:41 (link)
I dont get it... we didnt break the ladder...did we? Cuz we put it back together... and then ur sis and her friends were the ones in the pool last... and they did the whole wherl pool...and it was like in 4 pieces on the ground! It wasnt our fault!!! THEY ARE GONNA HATE US :(! I am craving a swim rightnow! hehehe! Luv u!

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