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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 22:53:00
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    i can't belive it summer!
    yeah so i keep on thinking i have some big project due, or a paper to write....but i don't its summer! my tiny little brain can not process that idea! but ne wayz....randomness! a guy is coming over to install a heater for our pool tomarrow...get ready for some warm water and pool parties! i start work on wends! ahh!! i'm kinda scared! i dunno what exactly i'm gonna be doing....or who i'm working with! today i went to twigs (amandas) house for a jewerly auction...sounded weird but was a blast!!! i brought a pink beaded necklace... and a blue/green necklace....both are soo pretty! i can't wait to wear them! and i got some earings for my sister! i soo wish i had more $ cause i woulda brought alot more! there was this one bracelet i liked, but Catherine brought it was soo cute! i came house and cleaned....then watched tv...then justin and steve came over...randomness, with out even calling or ne yeah justin left to go to dinner plans with some peoples, and steve stayed with me! then i went to babysit....from 8-10:30, made 12$...i'm rolling in the big money! well its 11 now....i think i'll chat online for while longer then watch some tellie! i won't stay up too late tho...gotta play tennis in the morning and go to a snowball meeting! woot woot! so excited!

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Gooooooooood Times
2003-06-10 10:16 (link)
Yeah there is that feeling. I don't miss thinking about those goddamned assignments one bit. Enjoy the feeling. And try to relax. It summer for Christ's sake. That kills me.

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2003-06-12 18:16 (link)
I really really really wana go swimming soon!!!!!!!! I cant wait to have some more great times in your pool! Get out thoes goggles for kristin, and the big shamu blow up toy! hahaha~ We are gonnna have a GREAT summer!!


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