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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2005-04-25 20:31:00
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    Current mood:chipper
    Current music:Mindy Smith - Baby Doll

    Kris- i'm only updating cause wanted me to! lol.
    wow alot has happened since i last is nearing an end, and i can't wait. but the thought is bittersweet, because i will be leaving all my friends, but starting a new adventure. I'm going to ISU for all ya'll who didn't kno, and i am rooming with Christine Doman and Kristin Mathey...omgoodness its gonna be crazy!!! james and i decided to be friends, and its working out rather well. We are going to prom however and i can't wait! that kid and i will have a blast!! my dress is amazing i must say and i'm going all out for this!! my birth day was recently, like 18!! wow! i can legally have sex, smoke, buy a lotter ticket and stay out really really late...not that i would actually do anyof those..ew. lol. I did however get my ears double pierced today!! and i got some really amazing birthday presents!! my parents gave me a digital camera, white gold chain for my celtic cross ( i def needed a cuter one!) they also bought me another gold necklace but i didn't really care for it, so i'm using that money to have my greatgrandmothers ring from her 18th birthday resized for me. i've def got some bling now! 1/2 k diamond!! woot woot! my sister was soo cute for my birthday, she painted little box for me and bought me ground starbucks coffee and oatmeal cream pies, my lil bro got me starbucks gift certificate. the girls came over on sat night for a tea-party, which was rocking i must say!!! we ate, drank (tea and coffee) watched Princess Diaries 2 and danced to Now4! we're such girls, i kno. my girls got me some amazing gifts!! and i LOOOVVVEE them all!! thank you soo much for making my birthday so special!! another good note, i got my laptop, a grad present from my grandparents and parents. and we finally figured out prom plans. yay!! well i've got stuff to get done!

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