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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2004-12-13 14:54:00
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    xmas is almost here!!!
    yay! only 4 more days of school! THANK GOODNESS! i wouldn't survive much longer. i haven't been surviving to well ne wayz...i've been very neglectant of james, and had vary little time for anyone else either. sorry to all. things have just been crazy, between home, school, homework, madrigals, the salon and babysitting, well i haven't had that much time for anything, or anyone for that matter. but i am almost done with shopping!! yay!! and i paided off all my debt!! yay! even better! i got my secret santa with the gals and i can't wait for her to open it! she shall remain nameless for now! at the salon i got Air for secret santa! and her present rocks!! i can't wait for our xmas party on the 18th! even better i can't wait for james to come home! seeing him is a very wonderful present! and i can't wait for him to open what i got it...lets just say its going to take alot of opening...hehehe...ha. yes well then, i'm done with my family, and i'm making fudge for all the lil friends at school, i just have jason to shop for....honestly i don't kno wat to get him! hes practically my big brother, and i've known him for 4 years now....i don't do the gift card thing, because its too impersonal, and, i could get him a cd or something....but thats tricky, cause i duno what he has and what hes getting and yea...well...i'll think of something. i have to babysit tonight, unfortunately, and i have homework too...honestly school sucks. we spend over 6 hours a day there, then come home to a few hours of homework, but some people have a job thats a solid 15 hour day just there, no time for a life at all. oh well....i took off work this whole week because of madrigal preformances, and also for my sainity! and so i could get everything ready for the holiday. JAMES IS COMING HOME ON FRIDAY!!!.....and i have to babysit...ugh, i feel really bad, and disappointed, because i prolly won't get to see him untill sat night, or maybe even sunday. i took the babysiting job like a month ago, so i can't cancel, and i have to work from 8-5 on sat, and then babysit from 5:15-6:45 and then our work xmas party is at 7, but i'll prolly go a little late, cause i'll have to get dressed and do my hair...and ahh! but maybe i'll try and sneak out early...hmm...we'll see. well i have much homework to do...adios

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