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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2004-08-11 23:03:00
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    Current mood:blah
    Current music:Casting Crowns~Your love is extravagant

    where oh where has thou summer gone?
    the summer has flown by, with work, tennis, more work and such i feel like i've been cheated out of a so called "break". school approaches, i have so much to do, i have to take my outdoor senoir pics, i have to memorize music for my madrigals audition, i'm soo scared about that. i don't know what i would do if i didn't make it again, i would probally quit singing all together. thats kinda sad, but i couldn't stand it. i feel bad, i haven't gone to captins practices all week, cause i was outta town and today was a "family day", tomarrow i'm going tho. considering i got a crick in my neck that shall be fun. i tried playing today with my dad and sis, i couldn't really do much, so we'll see how i feel in the morning. i have been shoping mad crazy style lately, and now i need to conserve my money till next pay day, i only have 20 left for untill next thursday....uh oh! i brough 2 pairs of cord pants, a few shirts, a compact bible, a belt, a side back pack, a few cool pins, a scarf for my voice teacher, a book of irish blessings, a hoodie...and i think thats it. and well American Eagle will have to wait tillnext pay day, cause there was some cute stuff in there i wanted! as usual i just keep on rambling and rambling, but well i have no one to talk too...kinda lame, my parents wouldn't let me go to megans tonight, lauren mc is sick, kristin is sick, kev is having a college talk, kyle is with kristin, and ariel is outta town, and by now its too late to do ne thing cause i have to get up tomarrow. tj came to say goodbye cause he's going to school friday, apparently he wouldn't have had anytime on thurs to say goodbye, so he came over at around 10, and then left to go see megan....yea...well....ok....i've given up on boys. seems like they are either clueless or gross. why can't i find a nice, decent, christian, fun guy? meh. thats what i say to boys...meh! yea, i'm a dork...well its getting late, and i have to get up tomarrow, and i don't really have a point to this entry, but oh well, some more wasted time...

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