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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2004-05-22 23:12:00
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    all most summer!
    well the school year is coming to an end! (finally!) i can't believe it, i'm gonna be a senoir...geesh, seems like just yesterday i was a lil freshie! now starts the great college search, and i get to start filling out applications...i'm so nervous! my parents really want me to go to a public school, but well...i have other plans. i really am looking into smaller privite Olivet N., Augustana, Carthage, Ill. Wes. ect ect. they do cost alot more...but i have a better chance at getting scholar ships there...and with the three jobs i have this summer i should save up quite a bit! my summer is goin to be quite busy! tennis camp mon-thur 7am-9am, work at the bookstore mon-fri 9am-2pm, and then my usual hours at the salon. babysitting at FUMC every sat night from 5-7ish, and any other time i can fit into my schedule! i have soo many school project to do! and i really need to do well in all my classes! gotta keep up that GPA! (or death might occur...) i got back my act scores...a stinking point better than last time, but still not all that good, i want a 27. stupid english portion keeps bringing me down! 22-english, 24-math, 25-reading, 30-science. if i could boost the english i might beable to pull off a 26ish? i dunno, i just have to do better, i've already got the parents breathing down my neck about it...ugh. i have soo much homework to do tomarrow! french reading/project, english paper, math review, physics reading, eassy for us comp issues, i think the only classes i don't have homework in are choir and gym...geeze! lol. we should be opening our pool this coming weekend...i'm excited! not that i'm gonna have the time to use it or ne well ne wayz...last night i hung with lauren mc and jean. we went to his church softball game then to laurens, then to coldstone, then back to i had work from 8-12, babysitting from 5-7 and then went to ariels, where we made parfaits... and watched cheaper by the dozen, a great movie i must say! tanks to tj and jason for stopping by! great to see u 2 boys! well im out...

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