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Birky (crazybirky) wrote,
@ 2004-04-03 22:43:00
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    the stress of a break?
    so my spring break wasn't all that much fun...we left on saturday for Las Vegas...oh no not Las Vegas, i've been there so many times its soo boring! theres nothing to do! and plus we stay at my grandparents house the whole time! we didn't do anything while we were there, oh wait, we did go hiking at red rock canyon (which i admit i loved!) and my mom, sister, grandma and i went to the mall ( and yes i liked that too, only because i got new clothes) but other than that...we didn't do anything. i caught an awful cold, i listened to grandparents and my aunt talk on and on and on about sickness and science and stuff, and i practiced every day for a singing compition that i wasn't able to go to today because i still don't have my voice back all the way. and my parents some how think that i purposly didn't go to the compitition...yes i infected myself with a cold as an evil plot not to sing in a compition...thats how my mind works...yea..... today i woke up at 6...showered, dressed, did hair and make up, because my mother wanted me to go to the comptition and watch, however my voice teacher said it would be a waste of time and i came home again...only to go back to sleep, untill 1 :) then from 1-5 i ran erronds with my mother, then i went to a concert at first united methodist church, which was pretty good, i think i might check out that church and choir, i came home, and was told by the rental units that i couldn't go out..and they didn't give a i've been unpacking and reading from 8-now (which is about 11) i can't belive i'm going to say this, but i'm almost happy to be going back to school, its less stressfull for me than being with my family. and i'm prolly gonna go to bed pretty soon, cause i think i'm gonna try and make it to church tomarrow (surprise you kyle?) i'm out

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