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violent suicide (crazy_me_haha) wrote,
@ 2006-10-25 18:10:00
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    Title: Untitled [as of now]
    Author: crazy_me_haha
    Rating: PG-13
    Pairing: Brendon/OFC & Ryan/OFC
    Summary: “Um…” her face began to turn red, “are Brendon and Ryan…gay?” she whispered the last word as if she spoke something blasphemous.
    Disclaimer: OMGITSREAL!!one!SPAZZ Fake.
    Author's Notes: Okay, I made an honest mistake. I lied to my bff that this was going to be long. It's actually the next chapter that's going to be long. Hehe. ^^;; sorry.

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    “WHOO!” Everyone cheered upon entering the main gates of the theme park. People were already noticing the band and could easily recognize them even when all members wore sunglasses. I felt bad for them. I wonder how they’ll survive the day with fans following them everywhere. So far so good, we’re already at the Main Street USA and no screaming fans have made their way towards the band yet, but there were cameras flashing and whispering among people.

    We all went on our separate ways and promised to meet up again with no definite time. The four of us – Jenna, Astrid, Anna and me – were all supposed to go together and ride the Space Mountain, but for some odd reason, they disappeared into the many shops on Main Street.

    “We’ll ride later!” Jenna called out, getting dragged by Astrid to go inside the souvenir shop. “See ya!”

    I looked at Anna and the both of us just shrugged. The first thing we did was buy ice cream for ourselves since it was kind of hot and our throats were begging for something cold. We sat down on one of the benches under the tree, placed our sunglasses on and began to enjoy our dessert.

    “Why don’t you just wear that?” Anna said, noticing that I have been carrying the hoodie with me ever since we left the hotel. “Or you can give it back to him.”

    I shrugged. “I’ll wear it later.”

    While we were conversing, there was this group of girls who kept pointing at us while whispering among themselves. I guessed that they were around 15 or 16 years old and then they approached us. This was like the same group of girls that we saw in the Main Street. They eventually stalked us.

    “Hi, can we help you?” Anna started, trying to be nice even though they were rudely pointing at us.

    “Yeah, well…about 10 minutes ago or something, we saw our favorite band, Panic! At The Disco and since we were too…star struck and nervous to approach them, we followed you guys coz we saw you with them and that’s about it…yeah.” Presumably the leader of the group said.

    I nodded. “So, what do you need us for?”

    “Well…this has been a debate among my friends and I and we’re really dying to know the answer. So, could we take a shot and ask the question to you guys? We assumed that you know them and are friends with them or something like that.” She shrugged and the girls behind her nodded and mumbled in agreement.

    “So, what’s the question?” Anna asked, finishing the last of her vanilla ice cream.

    “Um…” her face began to turn red, “are Brendon and Ryan…gay?” she whispered the last word as if she spoke something blasphemous.

    Anna and I suddenly burst out laughing and I almost dropped my chocolate ice cream on the ground. Our laughing subsided but we were still snorting and snickering. Anna chose to answer this.

    “No, they’re not gay and not gay for each other or for anybody. But, does it really matter? It’s all about the music, not the looks. It doesn’t matter who they are or what sexual orientation they have, just as long as you enjoy their music. Who they are shouldn’t stop you. Besides, they could be just really close best friends. The best of friends, that is.”

    “Very well said, darling,” I complimented her.

    “Of course,” she turned to the girls who were turning red, “So, do you get it now? They’re not gay and even if they are, it doesn’t matter. It’s the music that counts. But who says you can’t drool over them from time to time?” Anna smirked and patted the girl’s shoulder.

    The girls laughed. “Thanks for answering and we’ll keep that in mind. But can we have one more favor to ask from you?”

    “Sure, what is it?”

    “Can we take a picture with you two?”


    The girls broke into smiles and asked a random person to take a picture of them. “Thanks again!” they all said in unison and were about to leave when they spoke again. “Are you two models or something? Or maybe backup dancers for the band?”

    “Nah, we’re just ordinary makeup artists for the band. We got asked to be part of the crew and here we are right now.” I answered.

    “Ah, well…you two are really pretty.”

    “Aww, thanks.”

    “Well, see you around!” The girls waved goodbye to us and soon, we were pretty much left alone wandering around the park ourselves. Anna bought a headband with Minnie Mouse ears and the red signature ribbon on top. I bought myself the green Goofy hat that had long flappy ears attached to it on the sides. The both of us immediately wore it on our heads and the Minnie Mouse ears coincidentally matched Anna’s outfit. If she wore her red Mary Jane styled pumps, then that would complete her Minnie Mouse look.

    We walked around some more and that’s when we finally decided to ride Space Mountain. We walked all the way to Tomorrowland and when we were approaching the end of the line for the ride, we saw Brendon and Ryan coming towards the ride as well.

    “Hey!” they greeted. Anna turned red when Ryan stood close to her. They still weren’t talking to each other and had their letter exchange thing going on up until now. Jesus Christ, I wonder what they’re talking about in those letters. We asked them what happened to Jon and Spencer. It so happens that they were on the Big Thunder Railroad Mountain – another rollercoaster in Frontierland.

    The four of us rode together in one cart with four seats. By some miracle, Anna and Ryan were seated together behind Brendon and me! HAH!


    Brendon and I are seated together.


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