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violent suicide (crazy_me_haha) wrote,
@ 2006-10-07 20:29:00
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    Title: Untitled [as of now]
    Author: crazy_me_haha
    Rating: PG-13
    Pairing: Brendon/OFC & Ryan/OFC
    Summary: All of us knew very well that it was Pete Wentz whose naked pictures were posted on the internet and not Brendon's.
    Disclaimer: It's more fake than Victoria Beckham's breasts.

    1 | 2 | 3

    For two whole months, we never received a phone call from them. At first we figured they were busy, catching up on their rest and writing songs for their next album but as the days grew longer, we just felt completely forgotten and our hopes died down. All four of us were seated at the living room in our apartment watching reruns on TV and eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

    “What bastards. I can’t believe they never contacted you guys! Ugh!” Candace ranted, with a spoonful of ice cream in her mouth. “Now we know what kind of bastards they are for not calling!”

    “I don’t think they purposely forgot to call.” Serena tried to be optimistic about it. “They could just be very busy. You know, preparing for the next tour which includes Canada, right, and the rest of America? It’s a big thing, so they could just be busy. Don’t give up now.”

    “Thanks for the encouragement, Ser; but it’s been 2 months already!” Candace yelled, throwing her hands in the air, “I can’t even remember the last time Anna or Emmy got a phone call from a guy!”

    After Candace had ranted, one of our cell phones began to ring. We all looked at each other and listened to the ring tone. It was my phone.

    “ANSWER IT!” they all screamed at me, practically damaging my eardrums. I grabbed my phone off the center table. Some unknown number was calling me and their eyes just lit up and began to fidget on the couch. “ANSWER IT!” They pressed again as the phone just kept on ringing. Finally, without further ado, I answered it.


    “Is this Emmy Grey?” a husky voice asked.

    “Who’s calling?”

    Whoever was calling, chuckled. “Hopefully you remember me. This is Brendon Urie.”

    I looked at my friends and they were dying to know who it was. “Brendon Urie?” I pretended not to know, just to put him in a little game. The moment I spoke his name, Anna let out a scream but was cut short when Candace slapped her hand over Anna’s mouth. “Oh! Brendon Urie, from Fall Out Boy, right? I saw your pictures on the internet, you know, THOSE pictures. The one where you took with your phone; sent it to some person and then all of a sudden, it’s all over the internet that it’s already part of history.”

    Serena placed a finger between her teeth to keep her from laughing. Candace had her face buried underneath a pillow and Anna was making silent laughter. All of us knew very well that it was Pete Wentz whose naked pictures were posted on the internet and not Brendon’s. There was a pause and I could hear Brendon saying “what the hell” to the people who are with him, presumably Ryan, Spencer and Jon. Suddenly, Candace grabbed my phone away from me and my ear.

    “Uh, those aren’t me. I think the person you’re referring to is Pete Wentz. He’s from Fall Out Boy and I’m from Panic! At the Disco. Are you sure this is Emmy Grey I’m talking to?”

    “No, this is her stripper aunt.” Candace replied, twirling her hair around her finger to add more effect. “Do you want to talk to Emmy? You gotta hurry though, coz I have to go and get to work. The men are waiting! And this is my phone you’re calling. Hold on, she just stepped out of the bathroom…EMMY! THERE’S A MAN ON THE PHONE!”

    “Who is it?” I called out, pretending to have come from the bathroom.

    “Some guy named Brandon…or whatever his name is. Marlon Brando? What’s your name again, love?” she asked.

    “Um…Brendon Urie.”

    “Brendon Urie! He says he’s looking for hot steamy se–”

    I stopped pretending and before Candace can even finish her sentence, I grabbed my phone back. “Hello?”

    “Is this Emmy now?”

    “Yeah, it’s me. Sorry about my ‘aunt’; she’s apparently on crack.” I glared at Candace and she just kept on laughing. “So, you called…finally.”

    “Yeah, about that: the guys and I are sorry for not calling sooner. We’ve just been so busy writing songs for the next album and preparing for the tour. We swear to god we’ll make it up to you guys. We don’t know how yet, but we will soon. Is that cool?”


    “Great. Anyway, we called to inform you about the tour…”

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