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violent suicide (crazy_me_haha) wrote,
@ 2006-10-02 23:01:00
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    Title: Untitled [as of now]
    Author: crazy_me_haha
    Rating: PG-13
    Pairing: Brendon/OFC & Ryan/OFC
    Summary: "Tell me if he’s good in the sack, then I could get some few pointers from you experienced bitches."
    Disclaimer: As real as Brendon's ass. It's fake, obviously.
    Dedications: For the awesomest best friend ever. :] <3


    Was it all just a dream? Did we – well, Anna and I – really get jobs as makeup artists for Panic! At the freaking Disco?

    All four of us woke up at around afternoon already and when we were dragging our asses to make brunch, that’s when it hit us: Anna and I are late for work! From the dining table, we scrambled towards our own rooms and got ready. That was probably the fastest shower I’ve ever done in my whole life. Once we were finished, we were still on the go. We said our goodbyes to the sleeping Candace and the tired Serena before dashing out of the door. We arrived at the salon an hour late and man, was that going to hurt our weekly payment from our boss.

    All eyes were on us and our dripping hair as we entered the glass doors. Before we could even start with our work, one of our co-workers called us to report to our boss’s office. Anna and I looked at each other and gulped. Maybe we were getting fired. Shit.

    “You called us, sir?” Anna said as the both of us stood in front of him and his desk. He was looking down and writing something on a piece of paper with his sign pen that he uses to jab people with. Okay, the last bit was a lie.

    “Yes,” he put down his pen and looked up at us, leaning back on his chair, “An hour ago, I received a phone call and the person on the other line was looking for you two. You weren’t here, of course. But then, he started talking to me. To my surprise, he’s a manager of some band and he was requesting you two to partake in assisting his band with makeup. Care to tell me what’s going on, girls?”


    “You go first, Ms. Grey.”

    “Well…it started last night. The reason why we requested for a day-off yesterday is because the two of us along with two more of our friends are going to see a concert. During the show, they announced that they needed some makeup artists. We got dragged towards their tour bus and yeah…they started talking to us and that’s basically what happened.”

    “AND they’re really great guys!” Anna interjected.

    Our boss chuckled. “I’m sure they are.”

    “Can we go pleaseeee? We’ll still be working for you when the tour’s over!” The two of us begged and gave our signature pout.

    He laughed and gave us a smile, “Yes, yes; you two can go, but do inform me when you leave.”

    We thanked him with big goofy grins on our faces before leaving his office. We stopped right in front of his door and just screamed at each other’s faces. Yeah, we were having a 13 year old moment.

    “Get back to work, girls. You’re already late.” We heard his voice through the closed door. We stopped being high, grinned sheepishly at one another and slowly walked back to our work. We still had a grin on our faces and our openly gay friend and co-worker looked at us weirdly.

    “What did you two do now?” Perry asked, as he devoured his lunch. “You guys are late again. Did Emmy take so long in the shower?”

    “Perry, we’re going to miss you so much.” The both of us said in unison, ignoring his previous statement.

    Perry’s eyes grew wide, with his mouth hanging open and dropping his sandwich on the floor in the process. “HE FIRED THE BOTH OF YOU!?”

    “No! We didn’t get fired! But we are going away for a very long time.”

    “YOU’RE GOING ON A VACATION!?” Perry sure does have a knack for screaming at people and scaring the shit out of them. It’s almost hard to believe he’s gay, but whatever.

    “Well…sort of; unless you count working with four wonderful guys working in a band and helping them with their makeup as going on a vacation.”

    Perry blinked at us as he tried to process everything. I could tell he was trying to connect things from the concert. His eyes suddenly grew wider and that’s when he finally got it.

    “OH MY GOD. You’re going to help Panic! In The Attic with their makeup!? OH MY GOD. Are you serious!?”

    Panic! In The Attic?

    “Close, but it’s with Panic! At The Disco; not Panic! In the Attic.”

    “WHO CARES? Oh my God, I can’t get over it and I’m not even a fan! I’m so happy for you!” Perry went over to us and gave us a big hug, “You better invite me to your weddings.”

    “Slow down, Per! We hardly know them.”

    “Well, I guess I am going a little too far ahead.” There was a pause between the three of us, “Tell me if he’s good in the sack, then I could get some few pointers from you experienced bitches.”

    “PERRY!” We screamed at him. Experienced? We never even slept with a guy; let alone ANYONE. So, no, we’re not experienced. This is just bizarre, but at least we get to be with them – but as people who are working for them.

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