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everything' an illusion (crazy_kitty13) wrote,
@ 2003-12-02 10:14:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:soft cell---tainted love

    yea for the meat hat!
    woo who! im back in school after a long and strenuous journey to the town of Knoxville, tennsesse. 10 hours we drove( acually, my dad drove, i mainly slept.) we left at 6am friday and got to town around 4pm. aunt bebe's house never fails to amaze me! its so humonoid!is that even a word? well, alejandro was there, and that was exciting because i havent seen him in three years. man-bev, aunt dodes, aunt bebe, uncle jim, aunt lolly, kristen, aunt jane, and of course us. it was really wondyful to see everyone.

    ok, done with speech for debate. here it is.

    Second Affirmative by Cat

    I. (Reply to attacks)
    II. The state of our oceans are horrible. Over fishing is a major cause of endangerment and extinction of marine life and is not being properly dealt with. If we do not address the failing U.S. ocean policy, as the opposition suggests, who is to say what will happen in years to come? Total extinction of hundreds of species of marine life? This is not far from reality.
    III. Our proposition will change this. Simply protect U.S. fishing grounds from dangerous and impractical fishing methods such as shrimp trawling and the future of our oceans will look much more promising.
    IV. The proposition of changing the ocean policy is needed because of the alarming toll on marine life in the last few years. Tactics such as pelagic long-lining kill up to 40,000 sea turtles and gillnetting kills up to 30 different species of marine mammals, including dolphins and porpoises a year , according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization).Not only cancan this take a devastating toll on our seafood supply, but the whole delicate ocean ecosystem could be thrown out of balance.
    V. Our plan is also desirable. In a recent study conducted my the FAO, 92% of U.S. commercial fisheries would gladly abandon the use of harmful practices like shrimp trawling and lone-lining if the once abundant marine life essential for their business would return. More and more people are depending on seafood as a steady supply as America’s costal areas are becoming more populated. If we catch more fish in less time, and the majority of those fish are unwanted or too young to have reproduced, then there will be less fish for people to eat later on.
    VI. A) The U.S. ocean policy is believed by us to be ineffective and absolute. Our opposers believe that the policy is working and should continue to be in place.
    B) But with our proof I think you will all agree that our country’s policy is simply in a horrible state and needs to be changed, for the sake of our oceans and ourselves. We urge you to accept our proposal.

    i had to work on it over vacation which sucked. =( im going to jeff city on thursday for my YIG convention and we'll stay at the capital regency....tehe and i'll spend all day running messages for ppl at the capitial. then on saturday im celebrating me and colin's one month aniversery....*sigh*.

    ur wondering what the meat hat has to do with this? i saw an ad for the anti-drug campaign and it said a dude made a hat made of meat when he was on grass. and he e-mailed uranus....thats hilarouis.

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Mean Colin
2003-12-02 18:28 (link)
The gloves come off little kitten... well not really but I have a few suggestions for your case, or at least a few tips for running it. Make sure that you have evidence that directly states that your policy will help biz. confidence, that would be the major dis-ad that I would run against this case. If you slip up on the biz-con your opponent will pull cards that say the ocean is irrelevant and that all your plan does is hurt biz-con. Yeah, just a little friendly help for my kitte-cat.

I'm glad you made it back home safe and sound. I'm looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, one of us ought to call the other, or AIM or somthing. Love You.


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