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Sharp Pointy Objects (crazy_insomniac) wrote,
@ 2004-01-17 12:32:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Jet: Will you be my girl?

    Well Hello folks. The Band Banquet was excellent... I got my Fruit Sale pin.. I sold the most boxes... eep.. 60 ;).. They gave us free keychains with a picture of the band on it.. and they gave us a free copy of the slideshow they showed.. which I can post pictures from it if I wish to.. aha. Yeah. February Vacation= Me+Brian+Mischa+Mickey Mouse. O baby. ahah. aka... Me, Brian, and My Mom are going to Florida... and first Brian is staying with his Uncle.. and I am staying with my Aunt.. then we are picking him up and going to Orlando... and We're staying at a hotel and going to Universal Studios and such. That is basically all I have to say. Hope you are having a good weekend folks. ;)



    Alyssa and Jacque *spelling*

    Kj's hot Butter tower.

    Cara and Roman.

    Blurry Picture of Eric cuz the flash didn't go off..

    Katie and Cam.

    Kyle... He was posing in his Chicago stance... but the camera decided to flash twice and he started to go back up after the first flash...

    Mar my crazy German.

    Mar my crazy German with Bryce my crazy Jew.

    Matt with Jimmie aka Mr. Pimp.

    Me and Mr. Jamison haha.

    Me and Sky. This Picture is used for Blackmail.

    Me and Sky picture number 2. ahah.

    And to end it all, I give you Richie O'Brien folks. ahah.

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