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Sharp Pointy Objects (crazy_insomniac) wrote,
@ 2004-01-13 18:47:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:A1: Everytime

    Hello my lovely's... we lost our basketball game today... I scored 3 points. ahaha. and I was a captain along with Christie.. eep.. I need to be more aggressive.. I used to be very aggressive... but y'know... I didn't feel good today either.. hm. But losing was okay.. even though we are now 0-6-0... but my mother is random and decided to bring me to the mall after and she bought me pants. Maybe something is wrong with her? I don't know.. Ashton, Katie, and Bean came to my game today :).. even though they tended to get confused and not pay attention... they still came and I appreciated. ahaha. My printer has issues as well. and I couldn't print my Latin Project.. and I told my teacher that.. and so now I have to lose points and crap because my printer won't work and she probably doesnt even believe me because she is old, can't see or hear correctly, and always calls me "Aurelia" because she is so into Latin and I'm like uhhh call me Ari damnit. There is a hole in my sock like woah. hm.. I need to shower and do some homework... and yeah. Good night loves.

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