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XxXbrandyXxX (crazy4sk8trboyz) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 17:30:00
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    Fun Fun
    Today My uncle steve, uncle mick, aunt terri, aunt kelli, Makayla, Wesley, Travis, Matt, and Grandma and Grandpa Wiggs came over and saw our new house. I know, it's not that exciting but being with my cousins was fun. I also got Channing's im and we talked for a little bit. Oh yea, Will Peavyhouse has a new screen name, it's drmsfooball 1. If you don't know my other screen name it's Crazy4sk8trboyz1 and you can also Im me on Claymate4life919. I just remembered that we have homework and it's alot. We also have to show our work which sucks so much. I really hate Ms. Autry but for the past few days she's been okay I guess. The substitute we had Thursday was awesome!! She let us do anything. Her name was Mrs. Fox. On friday we had Mrs.Howard. She actually works at DRMS 6th grade, track 4. She was the meanest ever. Even worst than Mrs. Autry which I didn't think was possible. All of a sudden Mrs. Gilmore is sooo mean. She said she's going to start giving more and more silent lunches and working lunches. I guess I'll be eating in her room from now on cause I like to talk and thats the only thing I ever get in trouble for at school. Well that and sometimes being late for class which isn't my fault. and OMG she got mad at me because I had a football in my binder. (the kind that you make out of paper) I was like WTF. Oh well though, I might swich to track one next year so I'm looking forward to that but I really don't want to swich because of all of my friends and stuff and I've been on track 2 since the 1st grade and I think I'll miss it to much. Oh well leave me sum luv!! *brandy*

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