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x0 kErry bAbi (crazii_f0r_y0u) wrote,
@ 2004-07-20 22:26:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:ashlee simpson- autobiography

    heyy.. nothing new.. last night me & caroline slept over elizabeth's- fun time.. then i left and went to work- bitches saw cinderella story without me.. lol jk i didn't care- work was good i guess.. then when i got home caroline maripat ryan and adam knocked for me so we just went out and holy shiitttttt we saw eddie!! ahhh!! hahahaha lol yes- eddie- caroline's former lover who has to be thee sexiest kid everr!! lol we were talkin to him for like a minute though.. then we were just walkin around and we decided to go to jamies cuz she had her family over since her sisters boyfriend got home from the army.. aww.. lol he got really hott- he's all buff now.. wheww haha!! then we left at like 9 and just walked like up and down streets and then adam and ryan left. oh yeah then we saw this little 3 yr old and three like 9 yr olds so the little 3 yr old goes- keep walkin you losers!! so caroline turns around and like does that gangstaa thing where you like act like youre about to like walk forward but you just like step and say "WHATT?!" haha and the girls kept looking so were like what? you wanna fight bitch come here!! and they just looked away real quick haha it was pretty funny.. hmm oh yeah before all this we saw nick and we were talkin to him for a little bit... later elizabeth came home but then carolines dad drove me and maripat home.. it was an okay night... i dont know what im gonna do tomorrow though but im gonna go now byeex0

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2004-07-21 11:56 (link)
hey baby! wo0w, bitches@! lol--a cinderella story is definately the best movie in the whole world! & they saw it without you! *uGhh* sounds liek you had a fun night lol. OMG@! what's this?! "eddie- caroline's former lover" her ex?! when did that end?! i never knew. oHh yeah, ashlee simpson rocks my world@! her cd is so greeaattt@! well anyways, i must be going, ttyl. -x0

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Re: hey
2004-07-22 00:29 (link)
whoaa danielle's backk!! lol.. thanks for the comment!! <33 x0

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