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<3 this is easy as lovers go (crazeedreamer) wrote,
@ 2003-11-21 23:56:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:TV

    lifes a blurr when yur in the slow lane
    im backkk from florida and i really wish i was back there. it seriously is one of the most peaceful places ever .... just being able to not worry about anything whatsoever. just being able to do whatever and not worrying about what time it is , where you are or whats coming ahead of you .. and i was just kinda walking around by myself one day which was really nice to do and i was watching all this little kids just alll smiles and so incredibly happy because their in disney world ya kno? and its like that feeling never goes away its just something about the place. and no little kid ever cares what people are thinking about or saying about them. so ive decided with how fast life flys by , im definetly going to be more of myself instead of keeping to myself sometimes because i worry about wat even some of my closest friends think. this week ive realized that you just gotta be yurself and this week i was and it felt good , being aruond people that you will never see again , and i was even more confident and by the end of the week i was like whoa this is great ... and ive realized this is me. stop pretending and truly be yurself. and yah.. thats my story!

    but yah so florida was really good , warmmmm , and just overall a realllllly good time. i uh kinda missed some major events i think ha. but hey wat r ya going to do im not gonna worry about it.. i feel kinda weird now ....

    goodnight to alll
    luv u tonz.


    ginas got an awesome point.. this whole journal thing... can REALLY hurt people unintentionally.. i agree... complelty..

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so glad your back
2003-11-22 12:10 (link)
hey im so glad your back for real!! and you didnt really miss that much and i know how it feels to miss something and then have all these people talking about it which i will NOT do...and sorry if i ever have, yes gina has a good point about the journals hurting people, but i also think that people write in them for themselves...not for other people, and it can turn out bad when other people read it or take is so personally, and everyone just has to realize that people write in these journals for THEMSELVES...journals shouldnt be drama, they should be peaceful. =) so glad your back loveya bestbuddyfor life.
-alisha boo

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2003-11-22 14:11 (link)
oh it sounds great. adn I really wanna be myself from now on to. i mean. sometimes when im w/ my really close friends im all happpy n ccarefree n such but i wanna be like that always. I love you. we need to hang out soon.
glad your backk!!
<3 always n forever,

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2003-11-22 18:03 (link)
Hey im so gladd your back!!!!!!! It wa sweird not talking to the always happy stef. I missed that. Im glad florida was great for you. Your right about how you should always be your self but did you know that 85% of people have two sides to them. You act different when you rwith certain people and then completely different around other. If you(not personally you) aren't like this then you are onhe of the 15% that is not normal. But it is always good to be urself. Well glad your back


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2003-11-24 20:03 (link)
awh thanks guys :) i missed you guys so much... in a weird way im really glad to be home even though its cold.. haha. i just dont kno where id be without you guys ... not very well thats for sure..

love you TONZ


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