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Snugglefuck (crashingburning) wrote,
@ 2003-12-03 17:22:00
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    Current music:Para Noir--Marylin Manson

    blisters on my heels
    ........but heaven is harsh, and fire unfaithful
    clocks....clocks are running my life in simple ticking time i'm losing..losing...losing. but today is not worse than what it can be. i am not tangled in the evanescent rapture of simple lies. stole Sea a mug from the dmv...go me go! and with something like this back in my life i am constantly friendship and fear and love and do fragile strands destroy so much of what they touch? lies, and secrets. all of this hidden underneath because we don't want you to see....tick tick tick. because we're all dumb and jaded. but little things give it all away--everything we've tried to ignore and leave behind. nothing leaves. nothing stays for long enough. twist this up inside until the beginning is the end...the perfect ending when everything's broken and there's nothing left to do but leave. so i'm leaveing. i hope to come back someday, pick this up off the side of the road and ask the questions kept silent under touching and meaningless conversation...tick tick tick tick. unravel until it's done, finish it for once. spit it out. drag me down.....tick tick tick tick tick tick.
    and i hope to god i figure out what's wrong...

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2003-12-05 00:32 (link)
I'm in love with you. I figured it was safe to leave notes on this entry, cuz I'd already read it over your shoulder lol. So um...I left you a note. Now you have one. Wee!

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