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Crank Star (crankstar) wrote,
@ 2003-10-10 21:07:00
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    Current mood: melancholy
    Current music:Cursive - Driftwood

    Rachel: yaya i went shopping!!!
    Rachel: and i got 3 pairs of jeans
    Rachel: and my dad told me "no" today, and for the first time in my life i couldn't make it a "yes" and I cried.
    Lydia: what the hell
    Rachel: i know
    Lydia:why did he say no?
    Rachel: well... i found like the perfect place to live
    Rachel: like it's beautiful ... absolutely beautiful... and the owner loved me.. she made me sit down and have tea and cookies with her (i'm serious!!!)... and fell in love with it and had this amazing vision of how things would happen and everything would be perfect and i wouldn't be sick anymore and i wouldn't have to worry.. like i felt so peaceful about the future of living there.. so i called my dad and asked him about it and he said it's too expensive (it's $625 a month)
    Lydia: that's so shitty rach
    Lydia: 625 isn't that bad
    Rachel: it's too expensive because all of my medical bills and he really can't afford it right now, and i cried so bad i had to pull over because it's like i thought i found the answer to everything that i've been worried aobut.. like i FELT it.. it was so fuckign perfect in every way.. and i was told no so hard and so stiff.. he wanted to say yes, but he really can't afford it because of me. if i wasn't sick he could let me live in that dream.
    Lydia: aww... i'm sorry to hear that. at least he wasn't just being mean about it though
    Rachel: yeah, he really felt bad
    Lydia: i'm sure you'll find something else
    Rachel: yeah
    Rachel: it's just that i went to go look at more places today and nothing compared, so i was like "i'm not living in this shit hole"
    Rachel: except i found one that wasn't bad.. it's just kind of secluded, and i want more like activity around so i don't become so much of a hermit
    Lydia: there's another perfect place out there for you, i know it
    Rachel: i'm just tired of finding it
    Rachel: and my heart is seriously broken over this place
    Rachel: i seriously hope that true love feels better than what i felt about that place... because that would be an awesome fucking feeling... that would be better than flying
    Lydia: haha

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2004-03-07 22:04 (link)
could you be any more of a spoiled brat?

I feel sorry for your father, that you think you have the right to be given 'the answer to everything that [you've] worried aobut'.

Some people aren't given 625$ a month by their parents to go live out their perfect lives. Some of us have to work 50 hour weeks just to afford a $395 apartment.

Why don't you try being thankful that you have someone that cares about you enough to pay for all your medical bills, instead of bitching to your friends about the things your father CAN'T give you?

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