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Craig (craigdavid) wrote,
@ 2003-02-15 13:15:00
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    Current mood:groggy

    *yawns, waking up groggily, a pattern of the carpet marked across his face. he looks over at Ayumi's sleeping form, further noticing his arm wrapped around her. he smiles, shakes his head and leans up, stands and walks into the kitchen, pulling a carton of orange juice from the fridge and pours a glass for himself, picking it up and taking it into the confessional room. he switches the lights and camera on. he sips the orange juice and thinks for a moment, finally looking up and to the camera and speaking.*

    I went through a lot in the process of getting here. A lot of loss, whether it was friendships, relationships, property.. whatever. Just before I left London, my mates and I got evicted from our flat. I feel bad leaving them there to deal with it while I'm coming out here to America, but it's not like I could've brought them along with me or anything. My girlfriend Billie decided it'd be better if we split up since I was leaving.. I'm surprised I'm not more torn up about it. But I guess neither of us really took it all that seriously..

    *shakes head* Anyway. The moment I stepped in, there was Josh willing to help me lug my things to my room. I was a bit put off that rooms had already been chosen, but then I thought about it and really, the house is so big I won't even really have to stay in the room. I've yet to get lost in this house, but I could see it happening. I had dinner with Josh and Alecia and just talked about myself the whole time. I still don't know much about them.. I don't know how dangerous that is, but I should really just stop being paranoid.

    I guess I should go down the list of the first impressions.. Alecia is just.. wild. I can tell just by looking at her and hearing her talk that she's really bright and creative, and I'm sure we'll get along great. Josh will probably end up being my best friend here. He was so eager to help me with everything and has been really kind overall. I think I sense a latent attraction on his part, but really I'm thinking nothing of it. I was comfortable enough to show him my penis, and he was mature enough not to try any funny business, so I guess that means we're okay. Benji, Jordan, and Billy.. I don't know about that crew. They seem way too wrapped up in their own interpersonal business to really even take a chance to get to know the others. You know, I'm the son of a preacher man and all.. *laughs* I don't really see the necessity of having a threesome within the first two days of living with complete strangers. Benji and Billy apparently knew one another previously.. but whatever. I still think it's sketchy. and then there's Ayu.. What a breath of fresh air, really. I hope we do become close in this, because she seems like such a beautiful, somewhat delicate girl, and my immediate instinct is to want to protect her. I'd like to get to know her better.

    It sounds like everyone's getting up now, so I should get out there and be social or something.

    *shrugs, turns the camera off and leaves the confessional*

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2003-02-15 16:33 (link)
ooc - YOU'RE SO MEAN ABOUT BENJI!!! *runs off and cries*

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2003-02-15 16:41 (link)
[Just because I'm morally bankrupt doesn't mean my Craiggy has to be. :-*]

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