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countthemprecious (counttheducks) wrote,
@ 2003-10-14 19:29:00
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    Current mood:emotion - less
    Current music:im really not in the mood heh

    i feel like crap. I was reading Rosie's blurty and she wrote that she has no emotions. That is exactly how I feel. I just feel like a stone. Im not stoned but I feel like a stone. School is incredibly dull. I mean why does everything have to have a pattern. Why can't my classes be not such a ruitine. Why? Why? Why? I just wish that I could be a little bit more inspired. It's not that I dont do my work. I do all of it, but I just dont really care for it. Im not sparked up about it. It's just something I have to do at home after school. Anyways, I miss the summerrrrrrr. This summer was alot of fun. I wish that it had been a little bit longer. But I guess summer doesn get old towards the end.
    I also wanted to say thanks to Stephanie for being a terrific friend. I dont know what I would do without you. I know we get in arguments but you always tend to cheer me up! Yes thanks. Bye now

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2003-10-14 23:19 (link)
thanks morgie! you're a great friend too, i dont know what id do without be a loner dweeb trailing along some freshman girls probably or that little kid with the backpack WE ARE THE ONLY ONES WHO CARE ABOUT THIS SCHOOL *pumps fist in air*
to make it less routined i guess you just have to find EVER SO MUCH JOY IN THE LITTLE THINGS yay

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2003-10-14 23:22 (link)
Did you mean my blurty? Not Rosies?

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2003-10-15 00:34 (link)
yes i thought it was rosie's but it was you. Yes i feel like a cucumber as well

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