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countthemprecious (counttheducks) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 20:31:00
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    Current mood: confused
    Current music:lord of the rings sound track!!!!!

    VERN VERNO!!! Gimme some skin Sierra
    HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM interesting my days have been. Im soooooo sleepy i need sleep. I guess I will just start with I woke up and Sierra had spent the night so in the morning we watched Stand By Me. I love that movie. River Pheonix is pretty aka Chris Chambers. But I also love Cory Feldman's pants they are TIGHT. Hahahaa i crack myself up. Oh yes so we were pretty lazy, watched alot of tv and then went to her house and watched baby videos of Sierra..I had tortured her with mine...aww she was a cute baby but I already knew that since I've known her since she was 4. So we did nothing really until night time...oh my lots of work. We were helpers, but sort of caterers at her neighbor's party. We picked up people's trash cleaned their kitchen that was litteraly packed with food! We also creatively decorated platters and lots and lots of stuff. But we were rewarded with cake (LEMON COOL CAKE CHEYENNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and got to jump on their trampoline. So I think we made lots of mula...we haven't been paid yet but no worries. Oh yeah we had to dress in white tops and black pants/skirts. Haha Sierra said to me "Morgan you look like you work at some french restaurant and I look like I work at oscars." It was funny. Today we walked to rite aid and got ice cream then I came home yes yes daddadadada leaving now I miss Cheyenne. She is probably asleep actually haha no but tomorrow surfing or snorkeling in the 80 degree figi water.

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2003-08-17 23:50 (link)
You: There's an ant on you...
Me: What about Antonio?

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im baack
2003-08-24 15:03 (link)
you watched it. whatever im back you guy watch it wit me now

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