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countthemprecious (counttheducks) wrote,
@ 2003-08-07 21:33:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:Tom Petty-free fallin

    "he spends half his life in the water showering" dad talking about brother
    Im singing in the rain! But not really no rain which is good! I had loads of fun today! I woke up to the sound of my dad yelling at some guy that crashed into my brother's car..and it was parked in the driveway! He almost took off, luckly my dad was watching. So that was great fun! Hah no but I took a health test..i still have to put it online. jeezes the phone keeps ringing. Junk calls if you ask me. Then at about 3:30 Stephanie came over and we went swimmin in the pool. We played HORSE and guessed who won? Yes that was STEPHANIE...ahh i used to be good at that game guess not..i think im better on land instead of water. Oh yes and we went snorkeling in the pool which was also great fun...then when it was time for karate she came with and participated! It was such an easy-going, simple class except Stuffing fell on my foot (dont ask some strange hap kee do). Poor girl she says it hurts like a mother well she didnt say mother but i added that word in because i like that word hahahaha. Um then we came home had pizza and she left just awhile back. OMG my dog was on my bed looking out the window and out of no where we see this hand tapping on the window, it was sooooo scary. We yelped but then realized it was just her grandpa...ah that was great. I think im going to the beach tomorrow with Rosie and whoever wishes to come. Guess what? CHEYENNE AND SIERRA ARE COMING HOME TOMORROW!!!! YAY..i think they have been really busy with their yearbook camp. hah well im going to go WATCH TV...(haha kira) because im cool like that bye.

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