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countthemprecious (counttheducks) wrote,
@ 2003-08-06 22:17:00
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    Current mood: listless
    Current music:tv and my brother coughing

    Hey! Today was pretty eventful, I got outta bed daddada. No um today I went over to miss Allie's house. Jill (whom i like to refer as jo haha) and Ao (al) and Ro and I (Mo) walked to pick up stix and sav-on and had a grand ol time! Rosie and I got yummy kids meal things and Allie and Jill got tons of ice cream and these cream cheese wantons that looked really good. So then we had plans to go to the beach with Shanti so Shanti's dad picked Rosie and I up and we went to Shanti's, picked her up and then picked up Jessica. Then we went to the beach and 7-11 and such bewwy bewwy fun. Well everyone in my family is in a grouchy mood so i feel a bit sad...which makes me think about Eye and Sea, whom i miss very very much :) hahaha today i came up with this one :> haha its the bird freak ROSIE!! Im just kidding anyways i must depart and i feel like going to bed early so i am going to go to bed soon goodnight kids

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