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countthemprecious (counttheducks) wrote,
@ 2003-07-26 18:41:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:"dinners ready morgan"

    i am a spider i have spider legs. AHHHHHHHH So scary i heard Et today mmahhhhhhhh. Today was a FUN fun DAY! Chy (dont worry e is still from hee) and i went BODY SURFING WITH LIL BILL!!!!!!!! It was so fun! I was riding those waves like ive never done before ahh it was great. nicco, lil bill's friend wasnt very welcoming rarrr he said leelleeee and then we had to go because we had to go play solitare but then we got snackie pooooooos at the snack bar YUm that was the best popsicle ive had in ages i had to tell you about that! Then later we went to stonesteps and i slipped on my towel at the stairs! (for those of you that know me well i am terrified of the steps at the stone stepps) and then lots of snot flew out of my nose and Cheyenne was choking and laughing and we hacked up a bunch of saltines. we just went on a bike ride with izzy and i wore see through pants ive adopted them because theymake me more spider-ish. and thats enough

    sierra is at Paige's wedding! Bridget and Briggette hhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahhaha oliv-E A

    i be sleeping in the dirt tonight

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2003-07-26 23:12 (link)
you are sleeping in the dirt tonight?

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