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countthemprecious (counttheducks) wrote,
@ 2003-07-23 09:19:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:saxaphone i dunno how to spell that

    my mom is making me mad. She is re organizing my room and rah. Im beginning to hate my room color yes in fact i do. so now i am waiting for my puppy to come home! Yesterday Sierra and I realized that we aren't enjoying our summer as much as we can so we decided to take action! AC-CHE-ON <---from pepperanne. I loved that show ok ok anyways....yesterday Sierra and I walked Misha To jr. life guards, went to kalinis and manhattan and 7 11 then walked home, scootered to meet Cheyenne then skootered to rite aid and got hair bleach. It was actually for men. Dont worry I didn't dye my hair but now i want to seeing how their hair turned out really cool....but then again their hair is lighter and they used to be blondes. DADADADA then we watched some of the rescuers down under and then Craig took us to get Misha. Cheyenne and I went in the back of the truck under towels so the cops wouldnt see and it smelled like urine in there. Then um I went to tae kwon do. It was fun and I practiced my form and learned this really scary one. It was so confusing and you have to really know it for it to look good. Then I went to Chey's mums and we hung out and rode bikes at night and cheyenne got really scared ok now im sick of writing and im bobbing me head. Today I know it is weds. because every weds my neighbor practices her sax. because she has a lesson. For an hour you hear only one person (her) then you hear 2 (her and her instructor)....its quite hilarious. The only time she practices is the day of her lesson. ok byebeyeybeb

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