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Kasey (countrygirl85) wrote,
@ 2004-10-18 12:15:00
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    Current mood: hungry

    Gosh! I feel that everything in my life is going down the flusher...My ex is telling that I am bi-polar that is totally false information, I think that it is a way of getting me back. Yeah Right, he won't stop calling me, "I'm not crazy, your the one thats crazy, your driving me crazy..."Anyway on to other news. But I have some people online that, I guess you could say that got me out of reality, made me stop thinking whats going on in my life. It felt like they were giving me the time out that I needed. I hope that I can still commucated with them online. That might sound weird or whatever. I will respect anyone as like as they can respect me. Anyway the weather sucks here its suppose to be sunny dang it! Bring out the sun! Come on now I live in Cali, the sunshine state......I think. LOL! I crack myself up! I should have never turn down the heater! It cold *brrrr* but before it was a meat locker! I can't think of anything else! Good!

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