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Shannon Marlea (countinonstars) wrote,
@ 2004-04-10 21:35:00
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    Fun as hell day.
    So last night i slept at Uhmanduhs. IT WAS AWESOME Then today Dana came and got Me & Amanda and we went to Long Beach Island. Went shopping and bought hats... [[ Ez does it ]] and took a shit load of pictures. Then went on the beach and flew a "fighter" kite. It was sooo fuckingggg hilarious. Me and Dana got hit in the face with the kite like 1289749286 times. We went out to eat at AppleBee's. Getting to AppleBee's was a fucking obsticle. First Dana makes a no right turn and pulls infront of all these cars. Then pulls into the wrong plaza and then has to cause another accident. They mindaswell fuckin surround AppleBee's in tanks they dont want people getting to it. Then the chick there had a crush on Dana and kept commenting on Dana's hat. Dana slipped her, her digits under the table. I walked to the bathroom with Dana and when i got back Amanda had licked my plate clean. HAHAHAHAHA. I bought a new outfit at the mall yesterday and its cute =] and i wore it today. Well yea so Me & Dana are trying to think of something to do tonight cause we're back and its only 7:49.. so later homies

    "you look like you got hit by a what the fuck truck""

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2004-04-11 00:04 (link)
girl i told you your boy didnt cheat cuz he fuckin loves you, and thats no lie, i got nothing to lie to you about...hE LOVES YOU W/ ALL HIS HEART

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2004-04-16 18:45 (link)


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2004-08-02 22:51 (link)
Yoters Kick Fucking Ass!

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