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Shannon Marlea (countinonstars) wrote,
@ 2004-04-07 20:54:00
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    Current mood: crushed

    today sucked. im hurt but i was happy for 5 months and i suppose things all end for reasons unknown to us. my heart is broken. all i want is to feel safe like i used to. But Mikey came over today and he's been here with me through this whole thing, i wouldnt survive without Mikey. Also i talked to Jordan and he always knows what to say - thank GOD for friends.

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2004-04-07 21:54 (link)
SHannon u need to believe me. there is no way in hell i would ever do that. its just plain fucked up. im not that kind of person to hurt my friends like that. and as goes for eric never would i fuck him. sorry but i don't think he is great lookin at all. ALSO, I AM NOT A SLUT. i've only been w/ randy n rob n u fuckin kno this. n don't tell u don't b/c i told u everything wen we were talkin. n for u to tell me who i've fucked is just wrong. b/c nobody kno's better than me what i've done. I'VE NEVER SLEPT WITH PAUL, N I NEVER WILL. HE FUCKIN PISSES ME OFF. and another thing i def don't need ashley around to fight my battles, cus im def not scared of you. i was sayin shit back to u but u were runnin ur mouth too much n fuckin would listen to me, so i say ur fuckin dumb as hell for believeing this bullshit. ur def being ridiculous about this whole thing. b/c it never fuckin happened. I won't n im not gonna do shit until u come at me first cus i have no reason to beat ur ass, but hey give me one n ill proud to do it for u if ur gonna keep being a catty bitch. YOU DEF. NEED TO TELL ME WHO THE FUCK TOLD YOU ALL THESE LIES, BECAUSE THEY NEED TO BE CONFRONTED. my story has never changed once. also moved to my fuckin town, so all this shit started when u got here so fuck off.

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