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CosmicAvatar (cosmicavatar) wrote,
@ 2012-07-10 20:09:00
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    Current music:Left 4 Dead - Papercut Massacre

    All That You Gave Me (LFCC 2012 Entry Part I)
    And here come my adventures at the LFCC 2012. Well, given that I got an unbelievable number of photoshoots, it's probably going to take over a week to scan and clean all of these, so I'm just going to go with the blow-by-blow for now.

    Dramatis personae (some of these actors have been in a lot of things, natch, but I'm listing the main reasons I was seeing them, be it for talks, autos, photos or a combination of same):

    Adam Baldwin (Jayne in Firefly, DUH) - (Sun)
    Amrita Acharia (Irri in Game Of Thrones) - (Sun)
    Bernard Cribbins (Wilfred Mott in Doctor Who) - (Sun)
    Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister in Game Of Thrones) - (Sat)
    Eugene Simon (Lancel Lannister in Game Of Thrones) - (Sat)
    Freema Agyeman (Martha in Doctor Who) - (Sun)
    Gillian Anderson (Scully in X-Files) - (Sat)
    Gwendoline Christie (Brienne of Tarth in Game Of Thrones) - (Sat)
    Hallie Todd (Lal in Star Trek: TNG) - (Sat/Sun)
    Hayden Panettiere (Claire Bennet in Heroes) - (Sat/Sun)
    Iain Glen (Ser Jorah Mormont in Game Of Thrones) - (Sun)
    Jane Badler (Diana in V) - (Sat/Sun)
    Jeri Ryan (Seven Of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager) - (Sat)
    John Bradley (Samwell Tarly in Game Of Thrones) - (Sat)
    John Simm (The Master in Doctor Who) - (Sun)
    Karl Urban (Hank "Bones" McCoy in Star Trek/√Čomer in LoTR) ) - (Sat/Sun)
    Kevin Sorbo (Hercules in Hercules/Xena: Warrior Princess) - (Sat/Sun)
    Michael Socha (Tom McNair in Being Human) - (Sun)
    Mitch Pileggi (Skinner in X-Files/Grandpa Winchester in Supernatural) - (Sat/Sun)
    Nicholas Lea (Krycek in X-Files/Elliot Ness in Supernatural) - (Sat/Sun)
    Nonso Anozie (Xaro Xhoan Daxos in Game Of Thrones) - (Sun)
    Ralph Ineson (Dagmar Cleftjaw in Game Of Thrones) - (Sun)
    Robert Maschio (the Todd in Scrubs) - (Sat/Sun)
    Rose Leslie (Ygritte in Game Of Thrones) - (Sat)
    Ross Mullan (the White Walker in Game Of Thrones) - (Sun)
    Steven Cole (Kovarro in Game Of Thrones) - (Sun)
    Thomas Dekker (Zach in Heroes) - (Sat/Sun)
    Gates McFadden (Beverley Crusher in Star Trek: TNG) - Sat/Sun
    Elizabeth Dennehy (Lt.Cmdr. Shelby in Star Trek: TNG) - (Sat/Sun)
    Michael Winslow (Sgt. Larvelle Jones in Police Academy) - (Sat/Sun)
    Tracee Cocco (Ensign/stunts in Star Trek: TNG) - (Sat/Sun)
    Steven Cole (Kovarro in Game Of Thrones) - (Sun)
    Various SM crew members and attendees
    Callie Helen!


    Got up at 5:15am. GROAN. Good thing I got 15 minutes up before the alarm as I belatedly realized that I'd only given myself an hour and a quarter to get ready. Amazing how a shower can wake one up, though.

    I'd been texting Helen on my way there, but despite us arriving at roughly the same time, we never saw each other until much later. All my trains were well-behaved today so turned up just before the doors opened at 9am and serenely joined the Gold Pass (henceforth GP) queue (ahhhh, the queue-jumping power) and we were let in nicely and neatly. Unfortunately some twit with a megaphone apparently then told all the pre-paid ticket-holders to come forth and there was a most unseeemly scrum during which people who'd just turned up got in before people who'd waited patiently for hours, but fortunately I'd missed that bit. Having used my GP email to get in, I cunningly headed for the photoshoot ticket queue to snap up tickets for those guests who had been announced before the online store had closed (and all were available, yippee!), before getting my formal GP tag. Normally you get a personalized laminated ticket, but it appears they sold extra GPs this year, so had to get generic gold-coloured plastic bracelets for everyone - the kind you snap on and can't remove without cutting them off, but never mind.

    First photoshoot was Gillian Anderson at 9:30. There were rather a lot of GP holders at this one, hee, so I wasn't that close to the front, but good enough. She was wearing a very pretty brown-and-cream patterned dress (and looked very pretty herself). She smiled at my breathless "Hello!" heh. Shortly afterwards was Jane Badler, who looked great - quite tall and sexy - my photo with her just does not do her justice at all.

    Nipped into talk area A for the rest of the Star Trek talk, which had Gates McFadden, Tracee Cocco and (a tiny bit later) Elizabeth Dennehy and Hallie Todd. Gates told a brilliant anecdote about the ep where Beverley Crusher temporarily took command of the Enterprise, and played a practical joke whereby she decorated the bridge "the way Beverley would have wanted it" with photos of her son Wesley, cushions on the seat and lots of plants. Patrick Stewart apparently walked onto the set and was, like, "What is THIS?!" Heehee.

    Saturday morning was surprisingly quiet, photoshoot schedule-wise, so was able to hang around for the next two talks as well. Once the initial crowd had gone I was able to move from the third row to the front - woo-hoo! Sitting next to me was a girl called Julia (jcAngel on the SM forum) who'd met me at Bitten 2. I got her username mixed up with another Bitten attendee (bezzo) at first because they do look similar, but in my defence, I was really drunk at the Gold Reception party when I met her (!), but then remembered that we had been talking about rock/metal bands and had a good squee together about the awesomeness that was Rammstein's UK tour this year. The next talk started after that: this was the X-Files talk with Mitch Pileggi and Nicholas Lea, who were obviously really glad to see the fans. There was an unfortunate technical hitch near the end where the power cut out, but Nicholas manfully attempted to see things through by answering questions at the top of his voice to compensate for the lack of microphone, for which those of us who could hear him were very grateful! After a small delay while the crew sorted out the power issues, we had the Game Of Thrones talk, which had Charles Dance, Rose Leslie, John Bradley and Gwendoline Christie. There were some good anecdotes, particularly Gwendoline's obvious enjoyment of the scene where Brienne kicks some serious arse near the end of S2 (no spoilers beyond that!) and the revelation that Charles Dance had to skin a real deer in his first scene (ewwwwww! I thought that was a bloody good effect and that was why!).

    Dashed off to the Hayden Panettiere photoshoot after this; thanks to the GP, I jumped most of the queue. She was sitting down, so I leaned down a bit next to her (I looked a bit manic, but at least there weren't too many chins showing, phew). The standard entry people had now been let in because it was after 11am, so it was absolutely heaving, so I stuck to the outer edges of the venue where possible, as the crowds were slightly thinner. It was cooler than Earl's Court, but got very hot and close at times, and rather a lot of people were suffering from serious antiperspirant fail; I sincerely hoped they weren't planning to get close to any guests.

    There was a bit of a break before the next photoshoot, which was Michael Socha's. He was a chirpy chappie, like an upbeat version of his character on Being Human.

    Then were the rushed photoshoots: Rose Leslie in area B, John Bradley in area D, Charles Dance in area B and then Karl Urban in area A. Funnily enough, a couple of GP holders were doing the same photoshoots as I, so we ended up dashing over to each area together, which was a nice bonding experience (Elspeth was one of these; we're now friends on Facebook after this weekend, and about time as we've met a few times now!)

    Somewhere around here I realized that Gwendoline Christie had been given a last-minute photoshoot slot and I'd missed it. AUGH! I'd been checking every day, too, but never thought to check onsite once James Cosmo (Ser Jeor Mormont, Ser Jorah's father in GoT) had cancelled at the last minute. Grrrr.

    Had time to nip into talk area A for the Firefly talk, starring Jewel Staite and Adam Baldwin. The latter was very jet-lagged, so was coming out with a lot of random amusing stuff, rather like Alan Tudyk at Hallowhedon 2. Jewel was an excellent foil to Adam with her deadpan comments. "You're funny, Adam. Sometimes." *snigger*

    Last photoshoot was with Jeri Ryan, and yes, she is still gorgeous.

    That was my last photoshoot, so so somewhere around here (we're talking about 3:30pm), I switched my mobile back on and found five texts from Helen asking where I was; she'd eventually given up and texted something along the lines of, "Tell me where you are when you're free, OK?" heh. So we finally met and exchanged stories of our various experiences before I started trying to get autographs. I got these from Gillian Anderson, Jeri Ryan, Hayden Panettiere, Michael Socha, Kevin Sorbo, Jane Badler and all the Saturday GoT guests. They were all very nice, I'm glad to say. John Bradley recognized me from the photoshoot, bless. Jane Badler agreed that her white Diana costume was the best one, and we had a giggle over two cosplayers wearing said uniform, one of whom had been carrying around a V baby, which was hilarious. I told Gwendoline Christie that I was gutted that I missed her photoshoot, but had thoroughly enjoyed her aforementioned S2 arse-kicking scene. "I hope [character] respects Brienne a bit more after that," said I, "because that was awesome. In your face, [said character]!" Heh. Gwendoline seemed to appreciate it, anyway.

    Also saw Robert Maschio (who was in his Todd costume - awesome!). He was doing high-fives rather than shaking hands, as is his wont; I am useless at these as many of you know, so apologized for sucking at mine and then impulsively raised my hand again and said in my best Todd-style voice, "Sterile high-five!" [Scrubs-style sound effect] (this is a no-touch high-five, for the uninitiated), he duly responded and that one worked perfectly, heehee. I think he liked that I'd remembered that one from the show! Great fun. Helen gleefully told me that he'd told her that she smelled like cotton candy (she was wearing some very nice perfume), and in the photoshoot, he unashamedly admitted that he was sniffing her hair "like a dog". Brilliant.

    Photo collection was a scrum as always, mainly thanks to those selfish gits who just hover by the table, not picking up photos but blocking the table off for those whose photos might be there. Helen and I lost the will to live at that point; we grabbed what photos we could and then left for Waterloo; we were both flagging a bit at that point so I suggested a nice quick dirty Burger King, so that's what we had. We then said our farewells and made our way home; my Stupid Knee was fairly sore, but not too bad as I'd deliberately been limping in order to favour it - my feet felt far worse after all that walking! H was playing at a wedding (a blessing rather than a formal ceremony) so got back around midnight, at which point I was in bed but had not been able to go to sleep.

    Realized at the end of the day that I still had around 14 photoshoots and 16 autographs to get on the Sunday, so wasn't even halfway done. Gleep.

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2012-07-15 18:29 (link)
I love reading your write ups, the detail is amazing, and it helps to fill in the blanks of what happened when we were off separately! I've been eagerly awaiting part 2 which is now up (YAY!), and am also eagerly looking forward to the photo post, even though I saw them on the day :D

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