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CosmicAvatar (cosmicavatar) wrote,
@ 2012-05-17 19:11:00
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    Running Slow
    We found out today why we've had the internet connection of a slug ever since the party (1666Kbps) - the filter we were using has decided it's crap (not that our connection is ever brilliant, being at the arse-end of our local loop, but this was just taking the mick). We changed it over and it is now doing a vastly more respectable 1952Kbps. Better.

    SM has made party tickets available to CMK attendees not staying at the Double Tree Hotel. Certain guests (including Michael Dorn and Lance Henriksen!) have confirmed they are attending, so I figured I'd mosey on over and see what I can see, even if I don't stay all that long, as I have photoshoots on the Sunday. But with annual leave beforehand and a double Bank Holiday afterwards, I should be well-rested.

    So tired. Managed to last a whole day in the office, but felt crappy and my knee was stinging after a lousy five minutes on Wii Fit yesterday. Obviously not ready for that kind of exercise yet. Going to bed to read now (later than yesterday - I was in bed by 6.30pm!). I have started reading the Rizzoli & Isles books by Tess Gerritsen, thanks to Helen lending me the first one at the weekend, and have devoured three already. Should gobble down a fourth tonight...

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2012-05-17 14:46 (link)
Holy cow, you are a fast reader!! I've just finished one of Gerritsen's non-R&I books ("In Their Footsteps"). An attempt at a thriller (note I say attempt). It felt a little on a par with Dan Brown level of writing, and the plot wasn't very tricky, but it was a quick read.

And yay for more internet speed!

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