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CosmicAvatar (cosmicavatar) wrote,
@ 2012-03-30 20:16:00
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    Current music:Make Me Over - Lifehouse

    Changing Myself

    It's been an uncomfortable few days, mostly.

    On the happy side (TMI ALERT!), my digestive system is finally getting on with stuff after three days of zippo. For a while it started threatening to go the other way, and that was equally unpleasant (and painful), but I think things have evened out now. I've cut down on the Co-dydramol (which was the main reason for things screwing up) and having one instead of two three times a day. (END TMI ALERT!)

    The tubigrips, on the other hand, are just getting more and more annoying; I spend ages smoothing them out carefully and they've started rolling down and cutting into my legs before I've even rearranged my clothing over the top. ARGHHH I HATE THEM. I'm going to be a crazy person at the end of the remaining five-odd days I have to wear them. It was so nice to take them off last night. (And after I've finished this entry I'll be doing the same.) The TEDs are a joy compared to these, although it was a relief to take them off too for the prescribed half hour last night and just lie there with bare legs. I could have washed them myself, but H did that for me, which was very nice, except for the feet. I don't like having my toes touched, especially with my right big toe being rather sensitive at the moment, as if I've pulled something in it.

    I can now walk slowly without leaning on the crutches most of the time. By the end of the day, I was just using one in case I needed it, but thus far I've been OK. Much easier to carry food and drink to and from the kitchen! Yesterday I was having to leave food and drink in the kitchen and pay regular visits to it to drink from my cup or eat from a plate because I couldn't handle those and my crutches at the same time. I can get up and down off the sofa fairly well too, although there are still comedy moments, I'm sure.

    The right leg is still pretty swollen from the knee joint upwards. Mum is rather concerned about this, as she's had two arthroscopies and doesn't remember this happening, but I'm fairly sure the swelling is going down, albeit slowly. When I straightened the knee yesterday, it felt like a big thick band was pressing on it; that sensation is much less today; also, my thigh was like a huge stiff sausage the first couple of days, but now there is some give, especially on the sides. I've been massaging it from time to time to keep the circulation going and try to break down whatever's going on in there. Have also done my three physio sessions today like a good little patient. I'm going to do what Mum suggested and start taking measurements each night to see if the swelling really is going down or whether I'm just imagining it.

    It actually reminds me a bit of when I started riding in the early 1990s after many years away from the saddle. Instead of breaking myself in gradually, I went for an hour-and-a-half that first lesson and thoroughly enjoyed it, but the next day, both legs swelled up hideously and rubbed together as I walked. Agonizing. I can't remember how long it took for them to go down, but I'm sure it was several days, which is why I'm not unduly worried this time.

    H is out tonight, so I didn't dare have any Wine in case something happens while I'm on my own. I had a tiny Amaretto but it wasn't very nice. Hey, at least it's the weekend! Looking forward to ambling around some more tomorrow.

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