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CosmicAvatar (cosmicavatar) wrote,
@ 2012-01-03 18:57:00
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    Current music:Sitting Down Here - Lene Marlin

    Got To Pay The Price
    Was awake nearly all night and by the time my alarm went off, I'd racked up a magnificent 1.5hrs' sleep. I suspect this is a new record, or at least on a par with my worst insomniac episode so far. Decided to sleep in a bit more and work later to make up for it, but this was scuppered by H helpfully ringing up barely half an hour after I'd gone back to sleep to check I'd got up OK. I tried again for another hour, but could only push my sleep quota up to 2.5 hours in all. GROAN.

    Stepped on the scales this morning for the first time in two weeks. *SHRIEEEEEEEEEK* Weighed myself on the Wii in the evening too and my BMI has gone from 26.42 in August to 29.77 (0.33 from being officially obese again). Sigh. Actually, it could have been worse, all things considered. I was expecting it to be about 4lb more, so let's focus on the positive, yes? It's 1lb heavier than last year, but still not my Worst Weight Ever, so this is of the good.

    Having finished my toilette, staggered downstairs with my clothes and proceeded to dress in between logging in and loading up my apps, I'm very glad I chose not to slob it in my pyjamas as I was so dreadfully tempted to do, because around lunch-time, one of my neighbours showed up at my door to advise me that one of our fence panels had come off in the gales that had been raging since last night, and another was halfway off and dangerously close to our car (again!). I lugged the loose panel round the back and into the garden so it was no longer causing an obstruction on the pavement (it was the one covering the side of the shed) and used our semi-full bin to wedge the other upright and away from the car until H could get home. Both panel issues were caused by aged fence-posts; he's bought replacements, drilled out the rotten wood and nearly finished re-fixing the panels as I write, bless him.

    Have done all my physio exercises (knee is a bit sore again, darn it, despite me trying to be gentle after days of slobbing), and got lots of work done despite feeling like a premature candidate for the zombie apocalypse, so I guess we haven't done too badly with what has generally been a really crappy day. MOAR SLEEP TONITE PLS.

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2012-01-04 02:39 (link)
Blimey. Good on you both for a quick fix, though! And I really hope you've slept well. COME ON, SLEEP!

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2012-01-04 13:03 (link)
Oh booo to the weight and the lack of sleep! Still, it's important to get your poor knee fixed before you concentrate on fitness again, I suppose. {hug}

We have also lost a fence panel to these horrible winds. Luckily (unsurprisingly?) it was one of the old, crappy ones which we've been gradually replacing anyway...

Well done on getting somewhere with the physio, in the meantime, and I hope you got some actual kip last night?

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2012-01-06 14:03 (link)
I was going to ask you if you wanted to join up and cheer each other on with fitness and weight - with a goal date of October in mind (I'll explain why later!)


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2012-01-06 16:41 (link)
Oh, indeed I do! Tell me everything. ;)

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