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::--Itz Mii Lyfe--:: (corruptfairy) wrote,
@ 2005-02-05 19:42:00
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    Yesterday was awesome. I went to Jack's after school and David took us up to Mikey's cousin's house cuz Jack had to pierce a nose & an eyebrow. Then we went to Mikey's and hung out for a while Mike took a shower, then went to the barber to get his hair cut. Then we went to the mall and bought some body jewerly. David dropped us all of at Jack's and then later everyone else came over and we partied, as always. Every weekend this year has been a party there, it's maddness! :) Jack pierced my eyebrow. I finally decided I didnt care, Im 18 and could go get it done pro by myself anyways. So yeah. But I was drunk off my ass and I didnt come home on time, so my dad callin, bitchin at me. I found a sober ride home and since he was mad I didnt show him my brow. I just went to bed. Woke up today about 5pm and I showed it to both my parentals and they didnt really care. They expected it sometime or later. Hehe. I havent talked to Shane since Thursday at 2am. 3-4 months left before we getta move out together and everything. I cant fucken wait. I get my braces off next month, too~! Hell yah. It'll be like 2 and a half years that Id of had them. XX

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