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Patt. Whoohah. (corruptedchild) wrote,
@ 2004-02-07 23:48:00
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    Current mood: naughty
    Current music:White Flag - J.V. All*Stars

    Woo, once again.. More fun times downtown
    Well, Again... It's time to post my fun weekend from friday and saturday, which if you haven't guessed yet, I spend downtown with friends, whom my mom wants to impale with a cross in an act to unpossess them... She's strange like that. Anyways.. onto my weekend as of now.

    Friday, Ancondo and J.V. All*Stars played, and it rocked. Me and stef hung out most of the night... But I also took a few people my Friend Amber.. and one of my other friends showed up with her boyfriend. So I actually knew people there. We went to amigos and had some food, I hung out with a Really hot Guy named Maxx, and his friends Brady, Sam, and Some dude who gave me a ride home.. I forget his name. Obviousl Josh was there too, with his ug-- wait, he could be reading this.. Hot Girlfriend, Ashley. Went home sometime around 11:00.

    Saturday, The concert was surprisingly canceled, inciting an anger within me not to be matched by even the devel himself. We instantly went to Wendy's and hung out for a while before Heading for the union. Maxx and Sam wanted to see a movie, and that sounded neat, so I went with them. I got them in to see Gothica, and that was great especially with all of the side comments. After the movie we finally went to the union, and stayed there. Me and Sam took it upon ourselves to gang-rape Maxx, but the point is he enjoyed it.. We all made out once or twice with each other, including me and him. Sam even took a picture of me and him making out. Hot. We left around 10:30ish, and the ride home was hillarious, cause Sam and Maxx (Haaa. Just like the Videogame!) were making out the entire time. It was great. After we dropped Maxx off, Sam was my sleeping pillow.. that bit me hard. She broke skin. It Kinda hurt, but was hot all the same. I got dropped off around 11:20ish, and that was that. Now I am proceding to collapse onto my bed, and die. Because I am Uber Tired.

    Love, Peace, and Patt Admiting he is now Bisexual in a very Hot way Chicken Grease

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