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Patt. Whoohah. (corruptedchild) wrote,
@ 2003-08-09 19:04:00
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    Current mood: accomplished
    Current music:Shion (Emotion.) - Xenosaga Soundtrack

    That's all she Wrote, Sports Fans.
    Well, I Haven't posted in oh..say...4 days because I Have been pulling all-nighters, Downing massive hordes of Red Bull, and Popping Caffine Pills. But for What, you ask? Well Early in the Year of 2001, Xenosaga: Episode One: Dur Wille zur Macht was released for playstation2. Yes you would reconize the Name...Xenosaga is the Prelude to the Hit Playstation Game Xenogears. Xenosaga, in my eyes rivals most of the Final Fantasies...Puts Some to Shame. (-Eyes FFVII, FFX, FFTactics, and Chocobo Racing.) It Has a Kickass Storyline, Badass Characters, (One of Which I Will start RPin' in less than a Week.), and A Awesome Battle System. Take Chono Cross with it's Percentage attacks, Then Add it to the Bouncer, then add it to the Turn Based System of FFX. You Will come up with the Battle System for this Game. Well...If i'm to ramble on about this, I Will tell you the Plot.

    "Thousands of Years into the future, mankind has abandoned Earth and only exists in Deep Space. Having used their advanced technology to unlock the secrets of the Universe, Humanity hopes to do the same with the Zohar, A powerful and Mysterious Artifactreputedly existing since the dawn of time. But a Hostile alien life form, The Gnosis, Brutally Attack at every turn. Why? Unbeknownst to Manking, the race to unlock the final mystery, and embrace an uncertain destiny, Has Begun." (Courtesy NAMCO.)

    All Around...Patt Miller's Super Incredable Stealth Badmouthing And Documentation group.. (P.M.S. I.S. B.A.D.) Gives this Game a 4.5 out of 5. (The .5 off is for MASSIVE cutscenes and Overly Accessive Talking.)

    Final Game Stats: 36 Hours, 13 Minutes, 38 Seconds.

    Love, Peace, And Chicken Grease

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