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corridor7f (corridor7f) wrote,
@ 2004-07-16 15:44:00
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    Current mood: peaceful

    K was telling us a story about how someone in her apartment building commited suicide.. her eyes widened for effect as she went on to decribe that she almost rented that apartment upon first moving in. I'm entranced with how some people can be pure woman in an instant. I used to find this sensationalism offensive.. I'm not sure why the change.

    Speaking of concentrated idiocy: thongs. I can't stand the bunching over the surface of my bum when wearing light coloured or thin dress pants. I fell for the delicate looking, string torture device. If I squeeze my inner groin muscles, I can feel it pinch my vagina. I do this occasionally, like tapping my fingers or batting the mouse back and forth between my fingers. I've gotten one episode of irritation in the past, but I don't cut back on usage. Silly things.
    J has a pimple over his right eyebrow and delightful stubble on his chin. Messed up hair and smudgy glasses. He used to have a white hair growing in his eyebrow as well. About a week into working with him, I noticed it gone. Maybe I imagined it. He was a fool to pluck it out. People have no idea how their little flaws are so adored.

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2004-07-16 23:39 (link)
Do you ever fall into the role of being a pure woman ?

"string torture device" good phrase I think, is it torture though? From a mans just looks a bit unnatural, but I figured the pain would be in the bum and not the vag.

Now I'm curious if other girls do the same thing.

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2004-07-17 05:24 (link)
Isn't it wonderful when your underwear rub you a certain way? It's like your little secret. : )

Little flaws add character.

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2004-08-01 22:56 (link)
Nice little album cover you got there. Neutral Milk Hotel? Oh yeah. I can't comment on the appropriate entry, so this will have to do. I just needed to comment on your nice choice of music, or art. Whatever it is.

As for the bit of prose, choppy makes good transition in the case of thought processes.


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