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RayRay (cornflakegirl) wrote,
@ 2003-06-02 15:10:00
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2003-06-04 23:12 (link)
Man. That really sucks. Sorry your A-kon wasn't better. Glad you had fun in my room though. It's sort of funny the way I found your journal. I was looking up people with the interest of akon. I found yours, saw the name CJ and kept reading. I was like. OMG That's Cj's Girlfriend!

You are such a sweetheart! I think you're cute and nice and it was good seeing you at the con. If you go to Animefest we'll watch movies and anime in my room again. I think that would be fun. We can all watch Loki together. Or something like that. Add me to your friends list if you want.

Sorry I didn't talk to you much at the con by the way. I tend to be really shy in person. Especially with people I don't know well yet. I'd like to get to know you though. So, IM me on aim sometime, or post to my journal.

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2003-06-05 19:32 (link)
<333 I had a marvelous time in the room, hehe!! I'll add you on AIM, and my IM is SparkSatinWorshp. :O) I'm shy too, so no worries there! You're one cool cat, love. If we have the funds and time for A-fest we shall be attending

Heart Rachael

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