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RayRay (cornflakegirl) wrote,
@ 2003-05-30 15:20:00
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    Current mood: silly
    Current music:Enigma - Gravity of Love

    Miss Misery
    Ryan at UTD: Hmm, I don't think I'll get the job unless I fire up the shower ^_^;

    <333 Lots of love to Ryan, hehe!!

    At the moment, I have found my new music obsession. Yes, that is correct, it is Adam Ant (and/or Adam and the Ants) I forget how marvelous it tis, and a while back I got 'Wonderful' That I popped in and it made me smile hehe. He has a very, very awesome voice.

    AKON in a few hours! I'm super excited. I'm sad b/c a lot of people I thought would be there aren't going now, or couldn't go b/c of money, graduations, rides, local, etc. So it super, super sucks. But I'm going to be getting a badass T-Shirt that looks a little something like this:

    HAHA yesssss. b/c some of the people up there shouldn't wear half the shit they do.....

    Kim and Deidre came over earlier and we watched From Hell which is the best movie ever now. Johnny Depp is fucking sexy in it, and it's such a marvelous movie. I really really want to read the comic <3
    We also made lots of non repeatable jokes ;O) hahahahahahahhaa

    Ok. Time to jet. I have to clean, shower, and get all perdied up before Cj gets here. I may be back tho ;O)

    Heart Rachael

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2003-05-30 18:20 (link)
that THE SHIT.

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2003-06-02 16:03 (link)
I knowwwwwwwwwwwww but he didn't make them after all!!!

:O( sad sad sad

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2003-06-01 15:58 (link)
Adam and the Antz!!!!! Wow! He is so beautiful! :0) I have a '45 record single of the song "friend or foe" as well as a couple of cds.
BTW-is that cosplay picture final fantasy related?

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2003-06-02 15:48 (link)
aaah yes Adam is love hehe!!

and Me thinks it is.

I didn't get the shirt tho :O( he never made them. But it was a good idea, anyways! hehe

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2003-06-04 03:17 (link)
Do you like any other early 80's music by any chance?

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2003-06-04 11:38 (link)
Indeed I do, but my friend Paul (scorpion) is absolutely in love with the 80's. You should have a chat with him about it!! hehe

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