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Corey (coreymitchell) wrote,
@ 2003-06-01 23:25:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:Enya- Last of the Mohicans

    Today I woke up at 3pm turns out I missed my friends graduation party and a two other phone calls that I needed to get. *humpfh* so when I woke up my mom and my brother were both gone. So I called lucy and talked to her for a few mins and then later I went and made breakfast..well lunch...and my mom and my brother came home and me and my brother watched a movie "Antwone Fisher" it was a really great movie I'd watch it again plus Denzel is in that movie and he's a good looking fellah' lol :) then after I watched the movie I took my brother to blockbuster to turn in the videos and then I came home and showered and got ready to go to the hockey game with lucy and mario her brother. We went to the game down in lake worth. IT was great some stupid idiot on the other team kept tripping and matt was playing really good. After we won we stuck around for a little while to watch the guys j/k and then we left and went to city place and some hott guy checked me out it was SOOO funny lucy was like "CORA did you see that guy!!" lol it was great and we saw a lamberginni whatever however you spell was niiiceeee...and then we left and I came home and made dinner. Tomorrow I have my 4th and 6th hour exams and those should be easy enough two more day's of school dammn finally this stinkin school year is over!!....I have camp from the 9th through the 13th and then I leave the 17th to go to maine. Owell Iam going to go now
    I love you

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