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eli (fly_like_eli) wrote in coollikewhoa_,
@ 2003-09-01 19:30:00
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    Current mood: thirsty
    Current music:i can get stupid girl out of my f*cking head!

    absolutely ludicris

    im too cool to look at the camera...


    elias aka eli


    20/m (in case u were wondering...)

    -describe yourself in four words:

    greek, musical, artsy, fartsy

    -describe your style:

    i like to wear clothes.
    sometimes i dont though...i guess that might be a problem...

    -list your top 10 favorite bands:

    311, incubus, jason mraz, jack johnson, john mayer, the who, sublime, rbf, g-love and special sauce, the fugees, ben harper and the innocent criminals

    -list your bottom 10 least favorite bands:

    creed, nickelback, creed, (can u count nelly as a band?) , good charlotte, creed, slipknot, insane clown posse, stew, and did i mention creed?

    -name 5 bands you've seen live:

    311,rbf, incubus, g-love and special sauce, zebrahead (i could go on and on...)

    -favorite book:

    the westing game

    -all time favorite movie:

    a clash between the saint and old school

    -views on abortion,drugs,politics:

    abortion - none of my business. all about the women being able to decide on thier own. i dont have a vagina so im not one to say.
    drugs - if u like em so be it. i happen to like em but i dont get all peer pressurey about it. and i wasn't forced i seeked it out.
    politics - not that interested...

    -why should we like you?

    cuz im a badass mamajama.
    im mad greek. i play the drums/percussion/guitar
    and i can keep a soccer ball in the air for about 3 min without using my hands.

    -anything else you'd like to add:

    for some reason im hoping not to get in this because the rejection stamp is fucking badass.

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2003-09-01 19:59 (link)
yes. :]

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2003-09-01 20:04 (link)
finaly, someone who isn't 14.


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2003-09-02 16:02 (link)
*checks birth certificate one more time*

ummm...yeah im 20.

or i could just be one of those lieing bahstahds that's all like "i can't list my age cuz the blurty police will come and get me"

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2003-09-01 20:31 (link)

1. i dont care that you dont wear clothes.
2. the who is the only good band you like. every other one is horrible.
3. i agree with you on bad bands , though that doesnt make up for the fact that the ones you like are horrible.
4. youre not badass contrary to what you think.
5. why should being greek make us like you?
6. woop dee doo you can keep a soccer ball in the air for 3 minutes. i dont give a shit.
7. i hope you get the rejection stamp too.

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2003-09-01 23:19 (link)
thank u for taking the time out of ur obviously busy schedule to give me a complete list as to why u'r saying no. :)

oh and the who is definitely a great band. they toured last year but didn't come near where i was living. it's a shame i couldnt' have seen them live. although it wouldn't have been the same with 1/2 the band missing anyways. i guess that's what u get when u snort a lb a day...

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2003-09-01 20:41 (link)
john mayer makes me want to vomit.


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2003-09-01 23:21 (link)
i'll get the bucket for u...

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2003-09-02 00:14 (link)
thank you for being a good sport about my being elitist.

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2003-09-02 15:50 (link)
the way i figure is that this is just the fucking internet. if i dont get in i dont get in. im not gonna lie and say that "i dont care" and "fuck you guys" or "i could give a shit". i applied for a reason and that was to see if i'd get in.

im not gonna go and slit my wrists cuz u said no...

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2003-09-02 19:38 (link)
I really like your attitude. It kinda makes me want to change my mind.
But I stand by my decision. Sorry.

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2003-09-01 22:06 (link)
No way!

Old School is one of the shittiest movies....EVER! That did it for me right there.


John Mayer? Please slit my throat! Drugs = Eww. How hard is it to keep a soccer ball in the air without using your hands! I could do it for hours straight if I cared to. Your cute, but that is like the only good thing going for you. Sorry.

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2003-09-01 23:14 (link)
im sorry that u dont like my taste in movies or music but please respect the fact that soccer is a difficult sport and keeping a ball in the air for give or take 3 min isn't childsplay. the fact that u state that u can keep a soccer ball in the air without touching the ground for hours is amazing, yet unbelieveable to me.

so in fear of sounding repetative im going to leave u with a wonderful cliche.

"please dont write a check that you can't cash"

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2003-09-01 22:14 (link)
um um um um.

oh man.

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2003-09-01 23:05 (link)

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2003-09-01 23:27 (link)
u'r icon is fucking a w e s o m e .

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2003-09-02 07:46 (link)
Yes, will you have my babies?

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2003-09-02 15:56 (link)
absolutely. postively. yes.

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(Deleted post)

2003-09-03 16:08 (link)
pics are down. chill the eff out.

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2003-09-03 15:39 (link)
the picture reminded me of that guy from the simpsons. even if its not him, the simpsons are badass. so im going to say yes

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