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♥___the future lies before you (mypaperx33) wrote in coollikewhoa_,
@ 2003-09-01 02:05:00
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    Current mood:awake
    Current music:Lola = the kinks

    -name: Christie

    -describe yourself in four words: spontanious, grateful, honest, open-minded

    -describe your style: it varys from day to day. my friends always tell me to make up my mind, what style of clothes i should wear. but i just cant help it! i like abercrombie&fitch, but only if the name isn't plastered all across the clothes. i like hot topic. i like pacsun a lot. i make some of my clothes, and a lot of my jewelry and accessories.

    -list your top 10 favorite bands:
    1. The Kinks
    2. Jack off Jill
    3. Count the Stars
    4. Saves the Day
    5. Taking Back Sunday
    6. Queen
    7. The Beatles
    8. Led Zeppelin
    9. Black Sabbath
    10. Flogging Molly

    -list your bottom 10 least favorite bands:
    1. The Juliana Theory
    2. Reggae of any kind. i love Marley for what he stands for. but the music just gives me a headache.
    3. dashboard confessional's new stuff
    4. the used
    5. linkin park
    7. - 10. i can't think of any other bands that i really dont like

    -name 5 bands you've seen live: *sigh* i'm sad to report i've never seen any bands live. i am going to see saves the day & taking back sunday this september though, and i'm really excited for that

    -favorite book: Keeping You A Secret -Julie Ann Peters

    -all time favorite movie: The Little Rascals

    -views on abortion,drugs,politics:
    + abortion: after reading a bunch of other people's views and arguments recently, i've changed from anti to pro-choice. because it's the woman's body; let her do what she wants. there's also that rape situation..
    + drugs: drug abuse = BAD BAD BAD. personally, i'll try anything once..but no more than once.
    + politics: oh man. well, i grow up in a Bush family. and hearing pro-Bush talk has influenced me well as all the anti-Bush talk from my friends. i'm neutral, basically. i think he's skrewing up our country. i also think hes doing the best he knows how.

    -why should we like you? because i try not to take anything for granted. because i am super. because i am one of a kind. because i have a big box of 120 crayons and i'd stomp your butt in art class. oh, and because i'm not emo.

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2003-09-01 04:55 (link)
haha, your really cute. <33 yes

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2003-09-01 09:53 (link)
umm i don't know. you like black sabbath wich is awesome but then again you like gay emo bands like saves the day and taking back sunday. but! i like your opinion on abortion & your friends only sign is lisa ♥



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2003-09-01 10:09 (link)
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Yes

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2003-09-01 12:16 (link)
I don't know.
You aren't very impressive. You aren't anything different, contrary to what you think.
I could probably stomp your ass in art class.


yes, because you seem really sweet.

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2003-09-01 12:28 (link)
I have Dash's new stuff too, the old stuff was awesome though. But you don't like LP :(...But you like

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2003-09-01 12:35 (link)
Oops, I mean hate, not have.

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2003-09-01 12:47 (link)
Hell no. I would be here for days naming why I said it so I will just keep it at no. Sorry.

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2003-09-01 20:17 (link)
im agreeing with all on black. though flogging molly and black sabbath are good.

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2003-09-02 07:47 (link)
No, go shoot yourself.

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2003-09-02 12:51 (link)
uh, wow.. that was weird..

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2003-09-03 15:31 (link)

you're in.

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2011-11-27 08:31 (link)
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