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angie (cool_as_a_straw) wrote,
@ 2005-03-14 15:36:00
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    Current mood: irritated

    I really hate my family, I can't have ANY privacy, I might of mentioned that in the last entry. Everyone has to go on MY computer, and then they found out things from me, the reason I wanted my own computer, so I had my own privacy, but no, I can't, everyone reads my journals, my sister shows her retarted friends, and my cousin, and goddamn, it is SICKENING, I am 18 years old! DAMMIT, I want my own life, I don't want everyone knowing my life! I swear to God, if I had the money right now, I would so move out in a heart beat, I don't care if it was in a rotten place, I'd rather be living there then here, because this family is the WORST. I came to work today, crying my eyes out. And then I get yelled at by this old lady that works there, Alice, and I never work with her, because usually I work in the evenings, because of school, but since we are on spring break right now, they scheduled me to work in the mornings, which fucking sucks. But, anyways, I was helping Emily on Fryer, because we got a little busy, and I was originally put on Grill with Alice, and she got all bitchy and said "you are suppose to be on Grill with me" me: "well, um, we got busy, so I helped Emily, and you were taking over Grill anyways, didn't look like you needed me?" her: "whatever, you're suppose to be here." UGH, I went in the back room crying again, because I can't handle this anymore, I get yelled at home, I don't need to be yelled at work, thats the reason I got a job, so I could get away from this HELL HOLE. But no, I am still stuck in a hell hole. Whatever, my life sucks. lBut this has got to be the worst Spring Break ever....don't ya agree?!? Oh well. Well, thats all for now, I had to vent. Leave a comment. ?


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