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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-09-08 00:38:00
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    Current mood:sleepy

    update with lord alfred hayes
    hello everyone. time for an update.

    monday 30th- i worked a split. went out to the fox for karaoke. they had some new songs. i sang "all downhill from here" by new found glory, "i miss you" by blink 182 and "your love" by the outfield. they didn't have the thrid new song i picked yet. d'oh!

    tuesday 31st- i gave my shifts to vikki, who wanted to pick up shifts. i didn't do anything.

    wednesday 1st- today was amanda a's 21st. a bunch of people were supposed to go out to lanhucks. no one showed up. i sang "hurt" by johnny cash and "your love" by the outfield again. i sing that song too much, i think.

    thursday 2nd- i went back to ellis park and dropped around $30. it was my last chance to go before they close for the year. i went to lisa's afterward. she cooked me dinner and we watched airheads and 13 going on 30.

    friday 3rd- i worked a double. uggh! i went out to the hog afterwords and hung out with mark, abby and shirley. some more people from work showed up later (wally, michelle, tammy, etc). i also learned that a lot of beer and hog wild's home made pizza is NOT a good combination. i went home and threw it all up and went to bed.

    saturday 4th- pat asked me to come in 3 hours early, so i did. i made $150 for the day. stopped at the hog for a beer and went to bed.

    sunday 5th- i was C1 for lunch. weeee! afterward i went to the hospital to see vikki and my latest "nephew" jordan chase jones. everyone with a kid refers to me as uncle chris. jordan was born on friday afternoon. he's a little thing, only 6lbs 4ozs (i think) when he was born. i was there for a couple of hours, helping out with anzlee and everything else that went on (pictures, etc.) mary, tabitha and candance stopped by at one point. and then i talked with ashli and joy for awhile once they arrived after work.

    monday 6th- i worked a split. it was slow.

    tuesday 7th- i worked a split. it was slow. i had a beer at the hog and broke both my high scores in both games i play. i also went grocery shopping. tomorrow, i plan to work on pre-production for the movie since i'm starting things up tomorrow night, doing some short easy scenes with brad (professor loopy). hope things go well, since as of now, i sure as hell ain't prepared.

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