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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-08-03 12:22:00
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    Current mood:thirsty

    ah, differences
    saturday- today was the first fiji golf outing. i went to the luncheon and had a few beers with everyone and lunch. it took me forever to find the golf course. it was in the middle of nowhere on the north side. it was good to see some of the guys from the east coast (raff, tarr, brennan). donnie was even up from florida. kyle and riley were down from indy, and kroeger from cincy. graham was there too from bama.

    i went to work afterward and did my dinner shift. i met up with the guys at kipplees and split a few pitchers. it was fun catching up with everyone. afterward, i stopped by becca's, since it was next door. some guy showed up later, i forget his name. i watched about a third of "along came polly" and decided to call it a night.

    sunday- i'm starting to get sick. no fun. i went to work for my morning shift. i was D2. i was working with michelle, who also wasn't feeling well, so i swapped with her and became D1. she had a rough day, anxiety and being sick and what not, so i had to do a lot of comforting for her. i was about ready to leave work when pat asked me if would stay on and pick up a party of 13. i didn't really want to, but i did and made $30. i went to the store after work and bought some soup and oj, drinking a half gallon that night.

    monday- i worked a split. i went home for lunch and made a big bowl of soup. it looked real good. then i sneezed and dropped it. it splattered everywhere! it took a good half an hour to clean everything up. so, i made grilled cheese instead. my partner didn't show up for my night shift, so i had to run around quite a bit. they're also totally remodling the salad bar area. different is bad.

    i stopped at hog wild after work and got a whisky and coke to help clear my system. i went over to the fox. chris the dj wasn't there and the replacement sucked. aja and chris jay were there. it was a different crowd with some of the other regulars. this dj let all the more popular singers get up there and sing repeatedly. i only got to sing once, "little black backpack." the main reason i went was to say my laters to the cast of fiddler on the roof. this is their last week and most are leaving town this weekend. i sat at their table for awhile, but really felt out of place. although in the same industry, there's a huge difference between actors and writers, but it was enjoyable, i guess. and i took a tequila shot with them (they bought it for me). i'll just remember that valerie (the girl that played the fiddler) was really cute. she was the one that invited me out to the show.

    i'm here now. i'm driving up to indy after work tonight for a doctor's appt. and celebrating my birfday with the family. i'm gonna go do stuff now.

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