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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-07-30 10:40:00
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    Current mood:bored

    oh, fiddles
    monday- i worked a split shift. lunch was dead and i only made $20. my partner didn't show up for my dinner shift (like i called), so i was in a 4 booth station by myself. i made $103 for that shift. weeeeeee.

    i went to hog wild after work with mike, kim and mark and had two beers and then i went to fox and hound for karaoke. they had a long list so i only sang twice (the boys of summer and all the things she said). the funny thing was that there was a group of theater people there and some of them were the ones i waited on a couple of weeks ago. they're all performing in fiddler on the roof/young abe lincoln at lincoln state park. i talked with them for awhile and then the girl that plays the fiddler asked if i'd come out to one of their shows.

    tuesday- i worked a split. it was a $50/$50 lunch and dinner day. kinda weird, but it happened. i went home after work.

    wednesday- i ran errands in the afternoon, mainly pre-production business for harry putter 3. i bought some props and scouted UE for locations for scenes. i stopped at the fiji house for awhile and visited with the people there. i stayed home at night.

    thursday- i lounged in the afternoon and then went out to lincoln state park to see the fiddler on the roof with lisa. the theater was cool because it was an outdoor one at the park. the show was great. after the show, the lead invited the crowd to come on stage and chat with the actors, so i got to talk to the people i ran into at the fox. they all said thanks for coming out and they'd probably see me this coming monday. the show wraps up next week, so then who knows where everyone will go. according to the program, it looks like some of them travel around quite a bit for performances and such.

    now, i'm sitting here, bored because i have to work tonight. sometimes, two and a half days off from work is just too much. when i sit around here by myself all day, i get insanely bored easily. oh well. hopefully, i'll make some money tonight.

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