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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-07-25 22:54:00
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    Current mood:tired

    my summer vacation, i mean weekend
    thursday- i had to close. yuck. i ended up giving away my friday morning shift, but my plan backfired, as it was too late to drive up to indy by the time i got out of there. i did manage to drop my rummage sale stuff off at ruth's. i haven't seen how much i made and what i got rid of. i'll wait 'til tomorrow.

    friday- i finished packing early and drove up to indy in the morning. i met mom at the children's museum. they have a mister rogers exhibit there and mr. mcfeely was there this weekend. that was the first thing we did. i wasn't too impressed with the actually exhibit. it was mostly hands on playground crap for little kids. they did have a pair of his slippers in a display case. we left the room and then we saw mr. mcfeely. we got in the line to meet him. it was funny because everyone in front of me was a little kid. then i show up. he stands up and says, "it's one of the graduates." i shook his hand, got his autograph and picture taken with him. we chit chatted for awhile about my writing and his family, and "growing up in the neighborhood." he was a nice guy. after that, we ventured to the top floor and worked our way down. the children's museum is now less of a museum and more of an expensive playground. oh well. we also checked out the new dinosphere exhibit. it was meh. some parts were interesting. i saw raptor poop.
    after the museum, i stopped by value village on the way home. they didn't have anything. d'oh. we went to blockbuster and got some movies to watch that night. bad santa was good, and secret window was alright. mom cooked chicken. it was good. i eventually went to bed.

    saturday- woke up and dragged around the house for awhile. eventually showered, got dressed up and drove up to nappanee for jon's wedding. it was a nice ceremony at the church. i sat with joe and todd and their families. i'm trying to get to know more people up there (mainly spouses of cousins). the reception was held at a hall that looked like a cafeteria. the food was good and the music was horrible. what surprised me most was that everyone was gone by 9:30 except me, the wedding party, parents and a few other friends. i talked to brett brumbaugh for awhile at the reception (jon's best man). i hung out with him once like ten years ago one weekend when we were growing up. another name i recognized on the program was darin nunemaker. i didn't get to meet him, but i just remember that name from conversation when we were in middle/high school. i left the reception and headed back to indy. got home and drank a margarita and ate popcorn and went to bed.

    sunday- woke up and looked at old picture albums. i also met martha (the owner of the cafe chain that's mom's client). she wants me to stop by the cafe the next time i'm home. i'm guessing that she still might be interested in me working there. mom and i flipped between three car races on tv before i headed back to eville. i stopped at wal-mart and got a few groceries, did laundry and ate dinner. it's now just about time for bed because driving from one end of the state and back in a weekend is tiring.

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