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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-07-21 22:34:00
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    Current mood:bored

    not much going on lately and such
    12th- worked a split. i went out to the fox for karaoke and sang "i believe in a thing called love" and "all the things she said." it was a pretty fun time.

    13th- i worked a split. weeeee.

    14th- i was off work and didn't do much. harry putter 3 script is officially done.

    15th- didn't do a damn thing. i actually ran outside at night in the dark creepy newburgh streets. weeeee.

    16th- worked a split. i was supposed to work a day shift, but michelle was sick so i picked up her night shift. went out to hog wild with a bunch of people from work. mark rogers dared me to hop on this inflatable raft in their little outdoor pool. i did. i got drenched. my cell phone was in my pocket. i was drunk. went home, puked and passed out.

    17th- worked a night shift, my head hurt.

    18th- didn't work. weeeeeee! michelle covered my shift for working her friday night. i went to the mall and bought a new cell phone. it's pretty cool. i miss my games though. i ate lunch at red lobster. CHICKEN! talked to people there. came home, napped all day, slept all night.

    19th- worked a split. well, i stayed on at lunch and then worked a dinner split. went to fox for karaoke. i sang, "girl all the bad guys want," "teenage dirtbag," "your love" and "rollin'." had two ciders. mmmmm. chris the dj officially called me the falsetto king.

    20th- i worked a split. lunch was dead. i had two tables, but made $18. i went to michelle's and hung out during my break. at dinner, it started out slow so they closed all the splits. i was written down as a night shift so had to stay on for "a little while longer." of course then we got slammed and i was there 'til after close. oh well. i went to becca's after work and played spades with her, patrick and kelly. i suck at that game.

    21st- worked a lunch shift. came home and slept all day. sitting here now, bored out of my mind.

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