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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-06-30 19:00:00
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    Current mood:good

    i meeted her
    monday- i worked a split. blah.

    tuesday- i was scheduled a split, but gave away my dinner shift. michelle invited me out to burdette park with a bunch of people from work to go swimming. i really didn't want to swim, but didn't want to be an ogre and not go. i got some sun and eventually tammy pulled me into the pool. i was wearing khakii shorts i might add. i just floated by the edge. i wasn't much in the mood to be there.

    we left and a few people went over to tammy's to "smoke." i went home to change and ended up falling asleep for a few hours. i went over to tammy's, brought a bottle of rum and some coke, and just chilled with everyone. i caught most of barbershop 2 and then we watched MXC and spike tv. michelle was the first to leave tammy's, so after awhile i decided to bail too. i stopped over at becca's, since she lived nearby. she had some of her friends over. becca, andrea and these two black guys were playing spades and euchre, so i spent my time talking to her other friends that weren't playing. becca had to drive one of her friends somewhere, so i went home and called it a night.

    wednesday- i struggled to sleep last night. i drank too much too. groan. i met sherry trivett today, the girl i've been emailing for a few months. i drove down to owensboro to the hobby lobby where she was cashiering. i bought a small bundle of fake flowers and gave them to her right after paying for it. i introduced myself. she thought she recognized me, but wasn't positive. it was a good first meeting, very short, but i hope to be able to hang out with her soon.

    i'm just chilling now. i've got food on the stove and i'm deciding how to pass my evening by.


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