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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-06-27 22:11:00
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    Current mood:tired

    happy times
    friday- i drove up to indy. ate a pizza with mom and watched two towers

    saturday- i drove up to elkhart. i stopped at the olive cemetery and visited with grandpa for awhile. then, i drove to grandma's house and met up with dad and betty and grandma. she had no idea who i was, and had to ask constantly throughout the day. long story short, grandma has no short term memory. i walked around the house for awhile. it brought back lots of memories.

    dad let me drive his new jeep to uncle paul's house. we followed him out to the wedding. it was at some guy's house near michigan. he had a HUGE back yard, horned sheep, EMUS, a couple of ponds. it was a real nice place and the weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding once the wind died down.

    the ceremony itself was nice, a bit preachy for me, but what can you expect from real religious people getting married. and of course when jen and tadd tried to take the two separate candles and use them to light the one in the middle, the wind blew them both out. jennifer looked real nice in her wedding dress, janell was the maid of honor and jackie and leslie were bridesmaids. jon was one of the ushers.

    as for the family, kim and deb were there (of course), paul and sheila and their 3 kids with their families (although, i don't think jill's husband was there), dean and sue, lynn and ingrid, and mark and his family.

    i think the most interesting thing about the reception was talking about south park with jackie. that's just something you never would've expected back in the day. her boyfriend, brad, was also there.

    the worst thing about the reception was that they played EVERY wedding reception filler song EVER: the macarena, the electric slide, YMCA, the chicken dance, etc, etc, etc. AAAAAAHHHHHHH

    we left the reception early and went back to grandma's house and watched tv. i drove to indy when they all went to sleep.

    it was a fun wedding and reception, the first one i'd been to with NO alcohol. jon's reception is at a reception hall so i might have some luck there.

    sunday- i slept in and had lunch with mom. she made chicken. mmmmm. chicken. then we had a fun outdoor ceremony. weeeeee!

    i drove back home, with a full stomach. and now i'm here. weeeeeee.

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