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Christopher W Cook (cooker187) wrote,
@ 2004-06-25 13:27:00
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    Current mood:okay

    stuff and such
    tuesday- i worked a split. boring day.

    wednesday- i worked a night shift. boring day.

    thursday- i worked a lunch shift. michelle and i had plans to go out to lunch. she ended up inviting two other people from work. i was a little upset but whatever. we went to lonestar, where michelle and one of the other guys used to work, so they spent the whole time talking to workers they knew. once again, upset, but oh well.

    lisa had plans thursday night but they backfired on her, so she came over and we watched MXC and simpsons episodes. she quit both her jobs and got a job on a campaign. i'm glad she's doing something with her major. unfortunately, she's on the campaign for the guy running against hoestetler, a fiji and two time speaker at our pig dinner.

    we had our last softball game last night. whirlpool forfeited so we played tumbleweed, who was also there (and won by forfeit). we had no umpire so we just played for fun. we lost 10-13. i went two for two batting, scoring two runs. i also made two outs at catcher and got a fat lip from a misplayed pitch. ouch.

    well, i'm off to indy/elkhart for the weekend for jennifer's wedding.

    oh yeah, happy birthday jeff!

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Found you in random search, just sayin hello
2004-06-25 21:07 (link)
Hi, my name is Niky. I found you in a random search of ppl from Indiana, just saying hi. I have no friends on here yet. I am 20 years old and from ft wayne. Get in touch with me if you like

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